Denham Town Resident’s Protest Fatal Shooting | TVJ News

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  2. Dear God, I thank you for the love that is so evident in your son, Jesus Christ. I see you when I see Him. Father, I pray that as I also live my life, people will also be able to draw a connection between you and me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  3. Please show some respect to the law enforcer’s let them do their job it’s difficult enough

    1. @Mr. G I understand what you are saying, I was taught to respect others there is better ways to show your displeasure
      with out being rude

    2. @Clover Williams Some people have no home training. They were dragged up, and have no respect for God or man. They need to leave the Security Forces when they are doing their duties. They can only bully the Police and Soldiers, but they are scared of the gunmen. I raised three boys, now grown men, and they never have any problems with Police Officers or Soldiers.. I taught them to respect people, young or old. Jamaicans, just have a genuine hatred for the Police and Soldiers. Yet still, they call πŸ“ž dem when they have their problems.

    3. @Natalie Mullings You were one of the good parent who raised your children to be great human beings

  4. No one should not beat adult not even a baby . If someone do something wrong hand cuff them then arrested them don’t beat them!!

  5. You guys should show the full video without cutting any of it out then everyone would have a chance to see how wicked that soldier is

  6. The citizen of Jamaica too unruly especially Denham. One for sure a pure gun man live down a that. Zoso only down there to secure gun man, it’s a political thing down deh.

  7. These people needs to stop the war of the Security Forces when, they are doing their duties. The Government needs to make it a Felony for obstruction. Those kerosene oil πŸ›’ women are the enablers of these gunmen and murderers in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡². They never come out in support of innocent kids and elderly people who are getting killed everyday in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡². The Government needs to support the Security Forces more. Why don’t they stay in their hut when they see the Police and Soldiers doing their jobs? They can do that in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡². It’s because of weak Leadership, and some Wussy are ruling Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² and allowing Criminals to run the Country..I will not go back there to live. Too much Lawlessness.

    1. U an the security forces cya seh a gunman dem kill tho.. cause no gunman wasn’t around at dat time so dem tek set pan the people dem…an a dats why the people won’t an will neva like police/soldier

  8. When a gunman them same woman mouth lock but when a security forces them see everything and can talk. These women are wicked.

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