DeSantis bans Chinese officials from buying land in Florida | USA TODAY

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that prevents Chinese officials or those connected to the CCP from buying land near critical infrastructure.

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In its final form, the bill prevents the foreign countries of concern and their officers from buying farmland as well as property within 10 miles of a military installation or critical infrastructure facility. And no one connected with the Chinese government or the CCP is allowed to purchase real estate in Florida under the bill, nor can anyone who is "domiciled" in China and not a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident.

"Today is one example of Florida really leading the nation in terms of what we're doing to stop the influence of the Chinese Communist party," DeSantis said at press conference Monday.

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  2. I don’t agree with DeSantis on a lot of things but I do have a question can a American citizen buy land in China?

    1. @Courtney Brown yes, foreigners are allowed to purchase property in China! The essential requirement is that you have studied or worked in China for at least one year on a residence permit. Foreigners are allowed to only own one residential property for dwelling purposes.

  3. A good first step. Only citizens should be able to own property in the USA, period. And if that can’t be done, at least make foreigner pay a high extra tax.

  4. This discriminatory bill is unconstitutional and violates the Fair Housing Act!

    1. Well done Ron ! Let me use the same word Lord Winnie the Pooh used for grabbing Hong Kong by its throat & shoving the red book down our throats – National Security. If Pooh can do it, so can Ron.

  5. Does this something to do with chinese men being ‘LGBTQ’ because they sometimes wear long silk gowns and have pigtails?

  6. How can you do this that’s discrimination This is going too far. We don’t need this discrimination in hatred in our state.

  7. I think it’s a good ideal for the governor to ban the lawlessness Chinese to buy land in Florida.

  8. Finally someone is taking a step to protect the homeland from foreigners. Remember foreigners are not allowed to own land in Asia , why are we doing the opposite, specially giving free US citizenship to pregnant foreigners as well. We are even paying for child birth cost. Please.

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