‘Despicable’: Pelosi Hits Trump AG Barr, Condemns Some Agents Acting Like ‘Stormtroopers’ | MSNBC



  2. ObamaCARE
    “TrumpVIRUS” 😂
    What a contrast!!
    How appropriate for someone who has said : Wuhan virus
    Full circle moment madam speaker 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    1. @rrmndtqrg8 q THAT isn’t nearly aa clever as you think it is. Leave that stuff
      to the SMART people.

    2. @Denise Fernandez Do did my son in law who’s a DOCTOR. He said it was much better than the HMOs etc which
      told him what kind of treatments he could and couldn’t give his patients.
      Blame the flaws in the Republicans who
      changed things they hoped would sink the whole idea of government health care!

    3. @qoqo pepper
      Cute. But true. They all liked it much better when it was called by a different name…a less black name!

  3. How does Pelosi have better vocabulary & posture as a 80 year old & I’m 23 ?? Keep fighting them Madam Speaker !!!

  4. I just admire Nancy so much, so direct and purposeful in her words and actions. …and witty too.
    America’s GOTCHA GIRL. Served with a smile at that.

    1. Clearly cares about the people and John Lewis . Good interviewer . Let her just speak out and he’s not asking her questions at all . She’s just telling all !!

  5. If the government can afford billions for companies, then they have enough to help their citizens more.

    1. It was such a pleasure as a taxpayer to be able to gift billions of dollars to the rich like trump and their corporations. Heaven forbid they should have to maybe eat domestic caviar for awhile!

    2. @David Eby You can give your share to someone sho us being rbucted and us morenknterestrd with the here and now world of their children…znd you might consider reading up on the REAL types of socialism instead of listening to the
      Ignorant right wingers who vilify them.

    3. @Stephanie P One more try. Billionaires never get tax refunds. They pay in 100% of the time. Trump does not decide who pays what in taxes. The current administration does not spend the money. The congress controls the budget and decides what the money is spent on. the Congress is basically made up of Republicans (that think the government spends too much) and Democrats (that tend to think the government doesn’t pay enough). Between the two parties, there used to be what is called compromise. That is now a thing of the past. For both parties now, its all or nothing….literally.

    4. @Ed Dobson According to their filings, in both 2017 and 2018, Amazon got rebates instead of paying into taxes. In 2019, they paid a tax rate of only 1.2%. Nice try, but not all billionaires pay taxes. I never said Trump decides who pays what, but congress is controlled by republicans right now and they do decide. Your government also does decide where the tax revenue goes. Who else would? Not your citizens.
      As for the deficit, Trump decides the budget. He promised in his campaign that he would eliminate the deficit within 8 years. So far (not including the pandemic) he has raised the deficit more than 3 trillion and with his budget, it is projected to have been raised by over 8 trillion by the end of a second term.

  6. Nancy Pelosi is great as usual. She makes the trumpers look very small thinkers and unfit workers.

    1. @Tylor Whittemore – Just pray we win! The Godless Russian communist Putin-owned Trupublican liars party is doing the work of the devil. Trump just did a photo op holding the Bible upside down. And had to shoot tear gas at peaceful protestors just to make that evil staged photo! America won’t survive fascism and we need Putin’s satanic fingers OFF our WH now! Vote BLUE – God bless good old Joe Biden!

    2. It’s funny that you are in support of trump,but he’s not in support of you .Trump don’t care about poor or middle class people just the rich.

    3. @Youdontneedto Seemyidentification thats literally not true about the photo op. Ffs give up with the russia crap you have nothing and you never did

  7. John Lewis was a peace maker; there is no higher calling than to be a peace maker amongst people. He was an American national treasure. He will be missed in these troubled times.

  8. we need more time $600, because of still many jobs are not opened and also some states have increasing corona cases.

  9. I believe that if they can the Republicans, will try to rescind the entire Voting Rights Act.

  10. Pelosi called out for calling police that act like ‘Nazi Stormtroopers’ – “Stormtroopers” …

    1. That’s exactly what they are, fascist federal stormtroopers. If she really said that then good on her for speaking to the facts.

    2. @Karen Shaub That’s not happening you liar , there federal agents arresting rioters trying to burn down a federal courthouse.

    3. Nice to see. No time for people that compare current political mayhem and partisan agendas to the work of the Nazis. The only ‘genocide’ or attacks going on here is against persons who are breaking the law, fu%&tards and corrupt officials……and anyone against that or that believes that what Trump has ordered is even remotely comparable to the atrocities committed by the Nazis should be sterilised and banned from using a computer.

    1. so when the blob sends your check rip it up….he was duly elected…how disgraceful! Shows what you are!!

    1. Yes God bless John Lewis and his family and the whole world. What is stellar example of the highest human being you can be! John Lewis will be missed

    2. Semper Fidelis!
      From Mr. John Lewis!
      To “We”!
      (“Always Faithful!” [Marine motto)!
      Thank you, Sir!

  11. Great Interview. It is so refreshing to hear sensible commentary instead of Trump’s idiotic soundbites. “THE TRUMP VIRUS” Don’t pass it on!

  12. It’s sad to think that this is what society looked like when John Lewis looked at it for the last time.

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