Despite Democrats Leads In Match-Up Polls, Can Trump Still Win? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Despite Democrats Leads In Match-Up Polls, Can Trump Still Win? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The panel tackles a rise in public support for the House's impeachment inquiry and what Republicans are saying privately about not supporting Trump but also not supporting Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden in 2020. Aired on 10/11/19.
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Despite Democrats Leads In Match-Up Polls, Can Trump Still Win? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @John Paul “Russians influencing voters” in a deliberate and systematic manner seems like a big deal to me. I don’t misunderstand what happened, neither do I make any assertion that the Russians cast the ballot.

    2. We have to learn how to discern the difference between fact and fiction, and remember to sit a minute and think about what we read on social media.

    3. In spite of the fact that Donald John Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton are equally disgustingly repulsive POS, Donald John Trump still LOST the 2016 election with a record breaking 2,9 million votes.
      Donald John Trump was arbitrarily selected by the anachronistic Electoral College.
      With help from various foreign powers.

  1. Americans don’t like digging up dirt on each other so why is it you all think it’s ok for the president of the United states to do it

  2. Trump wasting his time in Minnesota. By 2020 he will be in jail , not running for reelection. Right now , he is from the law. The law will prevail.

  3. Don’t put Biden in,too much heat,too many voters already made up their mind due to the allegations,weather true or not. Even Joe needs to think about if it’s worth the risk

  4. Hand Trump the bill for the costs to investigate and prosecute and imprison all these people….sell all his properties etc..

  5. “It is vital that we nominate another Democrat who will go hard to the center which is now just where Republicans were in the 80’s.”
    – No one under 40 ever

  6. What a group of clowns !!! The elites are soooo afraid of how a true progressive candidate will hurt their status just makes me so happy lmao !!! #Bernie2020

  7. Do you all realize that the progressive side of the Democratic is you base of viewers. Stop trying to force Biden on us. I spent to much of my life being a centrist Democrat and watching them lose election after election. Elizabeth Warren is the breathe of fresh air we need as a country. I understand your all millionaires and balk at paying a few cents more in Taxes. But most of us are not, her proposals make sense. Getting harder to watch everyday, by the way, Mika is surely the smartest person in the Room. Go Pats

  8. What the freak are you talking about, he’s job is too govern and choose the really right people,and this country should be very lucky for any of the Democratic.

  9. They’re talking as though we’re gong to vote tomorrow, which is ridiculous.
    A lot can (and most likely will) change between now and next November.

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