1. Again. Lol Who has that. Other then Ontario. With the gov involved. They don’t have to disclose. This looks like a art k in businesses

  2. Employers track phones and online activity even outside of “working hours” without employees being aware, this type of Big Brother conduct is vile

    1. @Tanya Wieczorek I worked for a company that did this, so I am not sure what your point is. BTW employees are not indentured servants

    2. @Tanya Wieczorek I got distracted during the post and thought that the gist of it was to ensure that employers were to be restricted in tracking employees..Thanks for the heads up. My mistake. I will address it immediately

    3. @Keith Braham, currently, employers can still do it. Previously to this law, they could do it secretly.
      So yes, similar laws should probably be extended national wide.
      (I think Quebec is more restrictive already, I’m not sure)

  3. Lmao 🤣 when the show public enemy; microphones in their clothes…. is actually happening and it is broad casted for everyone to know, and has an industry around it.

  4. When can we have electronic monitoring of politicians? Given how corrupt most politicians are, monitoring seems most necessary.

  5. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Of course, they monitor you. Some of them keep track of how many times you use the washroom.

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