Detroit Implements Ambitious Public School Covid Testing Program

Heidi Pryzbyla reports on Detroit's approach to regular Covid testing in schools. 
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    1. Have you seen the graduation rates and reading levels of even those that “graduate”? If they cared they’d do something about their children’s futures.

    1. @Federico Barrio Linares and proper precautions? Well just because you obey your masters like a good little blch doesn’t mean the rest of us MEN do so don’t try dragging us down to your level.

    2. @Federico Barrio Linares also, there has been MANY people who still contracted covid even after getting the Vax. There has been people who has passed even AFTER the Vax. The survival rate is almost 100% for healthy people. If you are out of shape don’t take care of yourself then it’s a given something is gonna happen. People lay in the beds they make period, we aren’t called obese America for no reason. This is a purge on the weak.

    1. Did you try your Public Health Dept. Also I forgot test at an Urgent Care. Of course there is the COVID website, just enter your zip code.

  1. How do Dems scream my body my choice
    and then scream mandatory shots
    This is a honest question I hope someone will answer it

  2. When faced with a national crisis where a thousand Americans were dying a day from the corona, the Stable Genius’ brilliant plan was “well, if just stop testing, then we won’t have any more cases.” 🤔😅😂🤣

  3. Ummm. It’s already a thing in Los Angeles. Negative test on day one of school then weekly test on campus. Plus contact tracing . We have a mask mandate in schools.

  4. People that have vaccines: YAAAAY I’m protected
    Joe Rogan isn’t vaccinated and he just rested and took vitamin drips and got better in 4 days 🤷🏽‍♂️

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