‘Devastating collection of evidence’ against Trump | Impeachment trial analysis

'Devastating collection of evidence' against Trump | Impeachment trial analysis 1


    1. @tposeinify That’s generic political rhetoric. If that was a all to violence, then every politician is guilty of inciting violence.

    1. @Roger Lin nothing to say champ? Did you think I wasn’t going to bring up the Danish study????? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. @boubounancy My reasoning tells me that Trump supporters are cultists that can’t reason:
      1. The dislike to like ratio makes me happy.
      2. go outside and stop believing anything you see on your diverting tv.
      Seems Trump supporters need to go outside and stop spending all their time downvoting YouTube videos they don’t like.

    2. We don’t flock to it. YouTube literally just keeps recommending it, like it does for everyone else. Biden just doesn’t have very many real supporters. He never did.

    3. @M Cephas This is the correct answer. I liked Obama, but Biden is a 50 year crony capitalist establishment HACK.

    4. @Wyrd Knight no I downvoted this video because the evidence they showed (at least from the footages I watched) is complete bogus. And they put this garbage as news.

  1. what happened to channel 9?
    do you hear the great flushing sound?
    they are all graduates of ‘liberal’ arts colleges aren’t they?
    So sad.

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