1. Can’t steer a boat without propulsion… likely lost their engine, or weather made sail-power unstable, and when that happens, the boat is at the mercy of the waves.

  1. * Who is wrong on that’s Ileagal inmigrant crises situation?
    * What talking about it again.
    * What talking about it one more time against.
    * Who is right.

  2. Sooo heartbreaking 💔 😢 😞 just trying for a better life coming from countries that are in ruin in many places 😢

  3. If anyone has ever watched “The Swimmers” on Netflix – this reminds me of the same. The fact that people have to flee their homes and would risk their life shows how badly they need to leave. I recommend the movie

  4. Mediterranean and the Aegean are not like the Rio Grand. Some of the most dangerous waters on the planet, especially this time of year and in the winter. Whoever put those people on those boats killed them. 😕🙏

  5. Sad these people paid for tickets for a better future and this is what they get. Terrible that so many loss their lives. God Bless them all.

  6. These countries should be ashamed & embarrassed!! Their people risk their lives to leave for a good reason! It’s 2023, everyone knows your business in this world, get it together & take care of your citizens!! 🤍

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