Devastation Downtown – Fire Destroys Houses | Some Wage Negotiations Issues Unclear, Unfair – PNP

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  1. This government has done so much criminality the opposition can easily score a million political points!

    1. @Genfaa Manfunzie that’s why the island will never better every boby focusing on what the previous government did instead of doing what’s right for the citizens of Jamaica

    2. I will never forget pass PNP administrations and their time in government they always put jamaica in reverse the current government can only raise taxes or print money to pay them and that will cause more inflation plus every other public sectors workers going to want that level of pay raise, opinions must be fair and balance.

    3. ​@Kim Stewart Bruce Skin did more RED AND EDDY WAS A FULL WHITE MAN SO NICE TRY KEEP TRYING

    4. ​@Kim Stewart Greetings. If your parents didn’t teach you as a child to mind your manners, assuming you’re an adult you ought to know better than to communicate such hate and discrimination directed at your fellow Jamaica Mark Golding, based purely on his race/ethnicity. It’s in extremely poor taste.

      Assuming you have never travelled to any developed country and you have not directly or indirectly experienced racism, colorism and discrimination due to absolutely no fault of your own….it’s ugly and cuts deeply.

      No one has any control over who their parents are. So however stunning or otherwise you are – that’s on your parents, not you. And if you’re not from uptown, that’s on your parents, not you!! The man shouldn’t be shamed and ridiculed because of his socioeconomic status. If he didn’t have a strong command of the English language…Jamaicans would laugh at him to scorn. As they did Mrs. Simpson-Miller.

      My friend, get in the habit of judging people by their character, integrity and in this instance the gentleman’s record, leadership and intellect. Each Jamaican should give serious thought to the person and party they vote for. Voting is a right that must be taken seriously. It’s not a popularity or skin colour or uptown/downtown contest. It’s about selecting the most able, qualified and astute individual to lead the country successfully and inspire confidence and hope in the people.

      Jamaica is in the sad state that it’s in because the Jamaican electorate over decades have been cultured to vote not on policies, accountability, results and strong leadership. Most Jamaicans vote for hand outs, free food and rum while gyrating to loud lewd music.

      You don’t have to like the man. You don’t have to vote for the man. But you are completely out of line for publicly expressing hate and discrimination directly at Mr. Mark Golding. Respect yourself!!

    5. ​@Kim Stewart dont go there …cas from eddi to bruce and now andrew dem skin redder n dem tun pm doh. Busta skin also red ok

  2. What is wrong with this Buchanan why can’t he accept responsibility why are these people always blaming others, they are of the opinion that responsibility and authority does not go hand in hand they all want authority but not the responsibility

  3. I am not a fan of the Prime Minister however, it is not the Prime Minister fault why children fighting teachers.

  4. Politics aside, best I’ve ever seen Opposition Minister. Spoken like a true lawyer. People should not be bullied into signing and must know what they are agreeing to. That’s only fairs

  5. I realize a high level of immaturity with this government. They take criticism personally and take personal offense to being challenged. Welcome to leadership! That’s a part of it. Not everything is about JLP and PNP, it about the people. If it’s not working or it wrong, you need to know.

  6. It’s just sad. I hope the public will get a better understanding of what the teachers are upset about. I just hope some performance guidelines are included in the package

  7. True thing about the path because i sign up and all now i don’t hear anything and i am 63 year old and really need it

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  9. So sad to hear of this fire but thank God that no one lost their lives. A way will be made for you all be of good courage.

  10. Big up my colleague Mr kirlue every word you said are so true. I know of a fact that during the pandemic teachers went overboard to assist children. I know teachers in rural St Catherine that walked miles to ensure that their students were able to get some work done.

  11. Andrew government please pay the teachers,nurses and the police. Treat them with a little respect. They need to take care of them selves and family members. They worked overtime with out any extra pay.
    I don’t really want our teachers to migrate but at the end of the day, how can they live a comfortable life ?

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