Did remote work doom SVB, March Madness money, and why the plastic water bottle industry is booming

Ellevest CEO & Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck tells “Nightcap’s” Clare Duffy why remote work at SVB probably wasn’t a top reason the bank collapsed. Plus, UNC Chapel Hill Associate Professor Jonathan Jensen explains why footwear companies like Nike & Adidas spend big bucks to court universities and college athletes. And plastic water bottle sales are projected to double by 2030. The National Wildlife Federation’s Mustafa Santiago Ali shares a reality check on recycling. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter:

00:00 – Welcome to "Nightcap"
00:37 – Did remote work contribute to SVB's collapse?
05:06 – The money behind March Madness
08:51 – The plastic water bottle industry is booming


  1. Cnn 😂Hapless CNN struggles to find viewers among advertiser-coveted demo as network hits historic lows
    CNN had its worst primetime performance among the demo since 2013

  2. DEI killed SVB. Sam Brinton could have worked there!😂😂😂 He could have taken enough money to buy his own luggage.

  3. Employees calling Bank clients telling them to pull their money out of the bank is criminal and that was the cause of this problem.
    And Republican deregulation of course

    1. Had nothing to do w/ interest rate right? No way the Jotato regime could be full of dummies due to hire practices?

  4. When it comes to medical, personal, and financial information, I understand the on site requirement. Home environments are not vetted for spillage of these kinds of information. Even though VPNs provide some segregation security and encryption, who knows what kind of over the shoulder surfing are going on at peoples homes or starbucks, etc.

  5. That’s kind of stupid assertion.
    Managers need to know how to gauge employee performance, locally or remotely.

  6. Remote work? Are they seriously trying to blame the workers for it instead of the management? Smh

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