Director of National Institutes of Health: ‘We Are NOT Going To Take Shortcuts On Vaccine Safety’

Director of National Institutes of Health: ‘We Are NOT Going To Take Shortcuts On Vaccine Safety’ 1


National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins says the coronavirus vaccines in trials will be held to “the highest standards ever applied” and calls America’s polarization on the pandemic “unfortunate.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Director of National Institutes of Health: ‘We Are NOT Going To Take Shortcuts On Vaccine Safety’

100 Comments on "Director of National Institutes of Health: ‘We Are NOT Going To Take Shortcuts On Vaccine Safety’"

  1. The Republican Party saying ‘look how many people didn’t die from COVID, is like the Catholic Church saying, ‘look how many children we didn’t molest’.

    • Vote Blue!!

    • Dementing Joe and Copmala 2020 | September 12, 2020 at 4:28 PM | Reply

      I’d like to read Dementing Joe’s love letters to Tara Reade

    • Tom so your against the Netflix show “ cutie “

    • Brilliant analogy.

    • Anyone that is interested in actual science would understand the path to the quickest end to this pandemic with the least amount of casualties is through acquired antibody T-cell immunization, not by wearing masks and compulsive hand sanitizing.
      Dr David Katz understands and explains epidemiology and it’s effects and patterns better than any epidemiologist speaking out today . (MPIE) mass population immunization by exposure (herd immunity) is the only way low level virulence / high contagious types of viruses ever come to an end through virulence dilution by infection saturation through out the healthy population. This is absolutely nothing new however and is precisely how all these outbreaks have ever ended. History dictates that a vaccine will not be effective for SARS-COV-2 as they have never been effective for any Cor/viruses or flu for that matter due to the rapid antigenic shift (mutating) properties within the viral RNA polymerase Ribosome’s replication system deep inside the cells nucleus. By the time a vaccine is developed and tested the viral RNA genomic blueprint will have altered just enough to make the vaccines effectiveness nullified and useless and round it goes with microbiologists/chemists always playing this dog chasing it’s own tail catch up game with a perpetually error prone mutating and weakening virus. The risk and damage with this virus by all the evidence and numbers is incredibly low and it is long overdue time for the world leaders to acknowledge this epidemiological fact and reality, instead of this constant round and round cycle from the community of infectious disease experts and media trying desperately to remain relevant and prove to the world they were right.

  2. Fact, there is still no vaccine. So, keep using your masks and stay away from other humans. The pandemic is still spreading, and, if you ive in the USA, you are at one of the worst places to be on this world right now. 😒😑🤨

    • Yeah went in a store mandatory masks half the people wore no masks. I’m concerned, upset not enough people take the risks seriously. WHY?

    • Sperup AD worse yet to come as longest trump is in the office.

    • True. Many countries do not want Americans coming into their countries at this time.

    • How shameful for you to admit it, it’s like you all believe you can’t do anything about it yet you can all organise demonstrate and march to REMOVE a statue 🙄 Jesus

    • @Allan Gregory Shameful? So, who has a vaccine? And, you are wroing, we all can do something about it: wear a mask, and don’t go to crowded areas.
      Now, I’ve been hunkering down, WTF are you talking about? I haven’t been marching, that I could, but, there are no statues of traitor confederates in my city.
      Are you high? You are tripping assigning guilt where there is none. Shame on you for being such a liar.

  3. Daily Reminder: Trump called Covid-19 a Democrat hoax that will magically disappear.

    • *
      Trump administration sent 17 tons of protective medical gear to China while he minimized the virus threat to US and American Doctors and Nurses wore GARBAGE BAGS – THANKS TRUMp your actions willfully are destroying Americans?

    • @John O *
      Trump administration sent 17 tons of protective medical gear to China while he minimized the virus threat to US and American Doctors and Nurses wore GARBAGE BAGS – THANKS TRUMp your actions willfully are destroying Americans?

    • Just think, if any other President in the last ten years had to deal with this pandemic. The U.S would be the LEADER in controlling the pandemic in the world. TRUMP IS NO LEADER.

    • he’s worse than hitler was against his own people. vote blue whole ballot to clean the corruption of this trump disaster.

    • @Fred Roessler THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY!!!

  4. The last farewell | September 12, 2020 at 3:34 PM | Reply

    A Trump-branded vaccine will be as effective as a Trump-branded university. I’m taking a pass on this one.

    • The last farewell | September 13, 2020 at 4:22 PM | Reply

      @David Hale – You are entitled to your opinion. Go vote. I owe you nothing and I certainly do not owe you even a summary of Biden’s policy positions. Frankly, Biden’s main policy plank could be free olives for Eskimos, and I’d happily vote for him over the alternative.

    • @The last farewell Americans….always voting for the lesser evil and believing this is going to save them.

    • The last farewell | September 13, 2020 at 8:34 PM | Reply

      @Thyalwaysseek – I agree that I’m voting for the lesser evil. But I hold no expectations that Biden, or anyone else, is a magic bullet.

    • @The last farewell The lesser evil is still evil remember that.

    • The last farewell | September 14, 2020 at 12:35 AM | Reply

      @Thyalwaysseek – No argument from me. But, I don’t think it’s advisable to sit on one’s hands this election. Ginsburg is not well, and that leaves the Supreme Court vulnerable to a death blow in a 2nd Trump presidency, if you’re on the left.

  5. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | September 12, 2020 at 3:54 PM | Reply

    “My authority is total and I take no responsibility at all” – words muttered by an EPIC FAILURE and COMPROMISED asset who REFUSES to PROTECT the American People.

    • @Dementing Joe and Copmala 2020 i heard him say he WAS NOT AGAINST FRACKING! So, keep lying traitor.

    • Watch “Donald Trump rapes 13 year old in the home of Jeffrey Epstein.” on YouTube

    • Dementing Joe and Copmala 2020 | September 13, 2020 at 11:15 AM | Reply

      @RKelly Rodgers ‘Joe Biden says he won’t end frakking” [sic]
      That’s what I wrote originally. I don’t see what you’re disputing then. Are you simply trying to split hairs? Biden cares nothing about the American people nor about climate

    • Dementing Joe and Copmala 2020 | September 13, 2020 at 11:16 AM | Reply

      @RKelly Rodgers everyone knows Bill Clinton took many many rides on the Lolita Express. Who are you trying to kid?

      And when is Joe going to fess up about Tara Reade? I suppose when the lamestream media actually pushes him on it instead of the softballs MSDNC lobbed at him a few months ago

    • .. and what about his latest mumbling?? vis: I might just negotiate a third term in office to make up for all the Democrat hoaxing!!!
      I mean he hasn’t earned his first term yet let alone more years of torture for the people.

  6. Vaccine trials take years to test for LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS, but gon’ head…

    • @David Hale Because it was an insult to Americans! They went from 1 trillion to 500 billions. They had the bill on their desks since May and didn’t do anything. Trump signed worthless executive orders that went nowhere and here we are again, McConnell holding their original amount for what? Shockingly it was known that Trump’s campaign funds weren’t doing that well at the same time. I wouldn’t put anything past this corrupt government.

    • Really I agree

    • Lavinia Zapata yeah right . If they didn’t pass the bill like you say then how did people get stimulus checks ? How did people get 600 dollars on top of their unemployment ?
      And that was running out and democrats wouldn’t make a deal to keep that going because it was going to stop so Trump signed the executive order to keep it going.
      And now democrats won’t even keep that going want to hold out for things that have nothing to do with getting people their money. Just special interest nonsense.
      Yet democrats called a special hearing to get the post office 25 billion dollars. But couldn’t call a special hearing to get the unemployment and stimulus extension ?

    • @David Hale Dude, you’re talking about the first bill. I’m taking about the Heroes Act, the second. They had it in May and then started going on their wonderful paid vacation time. Reconvene, and it had to be approved before August 7th, it wasn’t as we know, and then, more vacation time. Republicans were asking for money to redo the West Wing and a new FBI building, so it’s both parties not just the Democrats.

    • Ignore replies by trolls. Trolls will not divide US-A

  7. Trantor Moscartolo | September 12, 2020 at 4:02 PM | Reply

    I’m so happy there’s smart people whom of which care very much about humanity

    Thank you


  9. I think it would be a GREAT IDEA THAT CADET BONE SPURS ALONG WITH HIS family and the entire Republican administration be at the FRONT of the line of these 30.000 test subjects.

    • Vienna Gstewood | September 12, 2020 at 8:51 PM | Reply

      ! ! ! Sounds like a PLAN ! ! !

    • It occurs to me they might lie about taking it

    • LOL

    • halalslagt en dansk panser og gør Allah glad | September 13, 2020 at 4:43 AM | Reply

      D̵e̸m̷o̵c̷r̵a̵t̷s̴ ̵a̸r̴e̵ ̷r̴a̴c̵i̶s̶t̵s̵

    • *
      Trump administration sent 17 tons of protective medical gear to China while he minimized the virus threat to US and American Doctors and Nurses wore GARBAGE BAGS – THANKS TRUMp your actions willfully are destroying Americans?

  10. VOTE Blue for science!!

  11. Using the vaccine as a political tool. VOTE ! ! !

  12. Expect to hear this guy’s been replaced in a couple of weeks.

  13. I have zero confidence in any vaccine associated with trump.

    • Agreed

    • Sheri Kendall Agreed

    • @Thyalwaysseek I’m not anti-vac. I’ll get my flu vaccine like I do every year. I’m anti trump, and sick of being big pharmas guinnea pig. I’ll get it once I feel it’s safe. I recently got talked into the new shiny migraine meds that the docs were so excited about… Too bad 3 months down the line tons of people on the migraine boards were complaining about how it made our migraines 10x worse. Call me crazy but it’s made me a bit more hesitant to sign up for something touted as Operation Warp Speed.🤪

    • @Sheri Kendall Interesting, but not too long ago you pro-vacs would spit your bile at anybody who dared to hesitate about the safety of vaccines and call them conspiritards and all sorts of names. Yet here you are stating you were given a pharmaceutical that made your illness ten time worse. So you think these adverse reactions stop at pills? You don’t think that can happen with vaccines? Obviously you now believe that it can be the case because you are doubting the safety of a Covid vaccine as though Trump himself is making it in a lab and approving it. However the same Federal agency that approves all other vaccines are the ones who will approve this too. Sounds to me that you pro-vac people are turning into massive hypocrites.

    • @Thyalwaysseek think whatever you want, but I’ve never given any anti-vaxxers any type of grief over their choice, so you might want to point your judgemental finger in a different direction. You sound like one of those new vegans that act high and mighty and tell everyone else they’re wrong for their omnivore diets. You just assumed I was a progressive liberal and against anti-vaccine because I’m concerned by any medicine that’s being pushed through so quickly. But I’m not going to apologize for being cautious of something that’s obviously being rushed.

  14. LANGUAGE WARNING:: “In the name of God, I tell you, you’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee.
    This man is a great danger to our nation.”

  15. The problem is that Trump is so desperate for a vaccine that he will do ANYTHING out there before the elections.

    So even if Trump doesn’t put his thumb on the vaccine scales, even fewer people will take the vaccine because of a very reasonable fear of the safety of the vaccine.

  16. Why, over the world, are we seeing the emergence of such a vocal cabal of flat earthers, Qanon theorists, religious fundamentalists, tin-foil hat wearers, racists and fascists? They all seem to be operating under the same roof and support policies that are damaging not just for the human race, but the world. The voices of reason, facts, science are being shouted down by the unbelievably stupid, ignorant and repugnant.

    • reflective cells | September 13, 2020 at 11:58 AM | Reply

      Isn’t the idea is to lose big and claim foul? As for the 20-30yr old lost souls in the world, I say let them crash. The bought their tickets and knew what was coming.

    • The left ignores all science. Good try though but you’ve Got It backwards.

    • A big factor really is the eschatology of the Abrahamic religions – the yearning for the end times, the promise of the final days. This deeply ingrained believe, taught to serious believers, has been a destructive force that allow people to have no care for the future and no thought for the ‘morrow., as taught in the gospel of Matthew. This view point separates people from the saved (myself and those that profess the same beliefs as me) and the damned, and can actually be gleeful of suffering experienced by others as long as they can contort it to match their end time views. They are comforted by the thought that an evil cabal is actively conspiring and working to bring forth the destruction of civilization.

    • @Tony Smith okay numbnuts…

    • @Neal Draper and???…. Nothing about my comments sweet attack the messenger all you want my comments stand on there own! Why though has Democrats allowed Marxists Racist Commies to take over? I voted Obama in 08 this is not liberalism

  17. Ministry of Truth | September 12, 2020 at 5:05 PM | Reply

    How “curious” it is that we’re not hearing about Hydroxychloroquine from the clueless clown anymore. LMAO.

    • @M G Not the same class type of virus, flu/cor viruses survive by antigenic shift and virulence dilution. This is not a guess, empirical science dictates it.

    • dean mushtuk don’t make me laugh, you are talking about empirical science after citing youtube as a source and making a generalization; “outbreaks”.
      you just gave away that you don’t have a clue about science.
      the fact is that we don’t know enough about this virus yet and such an assumption, as yours, could cost lives without the needed data.
      I bet you are an antivaxer, aren’t ya?

    • @M G Feel free to do the research for yourself and discredit a single word and get back to me. It’s not a guess, the empirical science and data dictates that.

    • dean mushtuk I just destroyed your entire herd immunity argument and you won’t provide counter arguments, you destroyed your own credibility by writing like a teenager and citing youtube as source; yet you won’t reply to that.
      I can tell you are not a specialist, more over, you are not even a professional. fix your writing and citation problems then talk to me about empirical science.
      only .edu .org and maybe .gov as sources, peer reviewed scholar articles work as well. (you would know if you ever attended college)

    • @M G I’m still waiting. A lot of people talk , yet when it comes time to pick up an immunology / virology textbook and spend several hundred hours, that’s where it ends.

  18. TRUMP has caused this concern about the vaccine being rushed. One more piece of damage – one top of thousands of others.
    Vote for Biden/Harris to get us back to responsible government!

  19. As a doctor myself…. thank God we have someone saying “no shortcuts”…. But in the next part of the interview, he’s actually pressing for it. According to true science and real-world testing, any vaccine judged ‘effective and safe’ in less than three years… is not a responsible release and never has been. There are PLENTY of failures coming from early-release vaccines. PLENTY. Remember: The initial polio vaccine introduced in the late fifties, actually caused a huge spike and resurgence in polio cases.
    As a doctor, with this kind of group-thinking, being pushed and rushed by the pharmaceutical companies hoping to make fear-induced sales, is not a safe avenue. and as a professional… I will NOT accept, nor prescribe, such a dangerously produced vaccine.

    • Francesca Daniel | September 13, 2020 at 3:18 AM | Reply

      No vaccine takes 3 years. Flu vaccine is developed annually. Polio vaccine was developed in 1955- medicine and science are light years more sophisticated now.

  20. Trump: “I alone can mess it up.”

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