‘Disappointing’: PM Trudeau on trials of two Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the trials of two Canadians 'happening in secret without transparency' in China is 'disappointing.'

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  1. Can’t get over Trudeau getting upset with lack of transparency ? I was waiting for the lightening strike !

  2. This “Leader” could barely spit out the names our two detained Canadians. He’s had over two years to learn them. But after enduring all of his uhms and ahhs I now know that he’s disappointed! Some comfort that this guy is going to continue to “follow this case…”

    1. @Annetta Vicckies You can’t even use basic grammar. Seriously. You’re an embarrassment to Canada.

  3. This is what you call incredibly weak leadership.
    Listen to what he is saying (and not saying). This is a child trying to deal with adult issues.

  4. Everything about Trudeau is disappointing. Not a single party, not even his own likes him. It’s like a Biden 2.0 situation except instead of his senile-esque behavior being a result of old age, Trudeau’s is a result of never passing the mental age of 11.

  5. It’s disgusting that this incompetent and corrupt government could remain in power for so long.

    1. Unable to remove Turdface ruling in dictatorship style shows the weakness of our culture, morals and judicial system.

  6. He’s only had like 6 years to fix this…..and NOW he’s disappointed? The dude is a chump and needs to get the boot.

  7. TWO YEARS! You can tell it’s campaign season, sock boy got a haircut and shaved while he hands out money to Quebec.

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