DNA to be used in one of Vancouver’s most horrifying cold cases

Vancouver police have enlisted the help of an American genealogist to identify two young boys bludgeoned to death decades ago.

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    1. @LaFawnduh Lucas Society is SO blind right now. More will come to light about the children and it’ll make more sense. ALL of this information suppression is about the children and what they do with them.
      Military tribunals ongoing. When you hear of military leaders stepping down for “sexual misconduct”, it was for something much more sinister than this.

  1. This is all very interesting, while there are fresh murder cases that go cold as we speak. What is the point of wasting resources on this? Not seeing it…

    1. 70 years ago the didn’t have forensics like we do today. It could be very inexpensive to try modern forensics. Modern cold cases are different because they’ve gone through the process of modern forensics and still turn up nothing

    2. @Walter Berniko Modern forensics are not used on a regular basis….and a 70 yr old case no longer matters

    3. @Greg House This year is the 60th anniversary of a tragic event involving a small child in our town. It’s our oldest cold case. While it’s too late for justice, it still matters to those who were alive back then. His life mattered.

  2. meanwhile theres 1000s of murder & MISSING aboriginal women and RCMP sweeps it under the rug and moves on.
    but when george fflyod gets murdered its world news. racist world

    1. Ya the world is racist and always has been sad to say. Things getting better here slowly though

    2. George Flyod was a criminal with an extensive criminal background too which makes it even more pathetic

  3. Why don’t you solve the Rhona Duncan case?
    That case has been cold for years and it was almost like they wanted it to be that way…

  4. Like anything; this research if proven successful can hopefully be used in other cases. It seems like a waste of resources but the science behind it can be greatly beneficial for current cases.

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