DNC 2020: Kamala Harris, Barack Obama to speak at convention Day 3 | USA TODAY 1

DNC 2020: Kamala Harris, Barack Obama to speak at convention Day 3 | USA TODAY


The third night of the virtual Democratic National Convention will include speeches from Kamala Harris and Barack Obama.
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  1. “Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians wear uniforms that show all their sponsors? Like the Nascar drivers.”

  2. No debates. Just make Trump, Pence, Biden, Kamala take the SAT test live on TV and then go to some 3 hour movie and return to reveals their scores.

    1. Biden would do amazing ? Cmon MAN , he was dumb 30 years ago and now he has declined cognitively lol … naive af

    2. That would be so much more interesting than a debate. I can watch Joe falling asleep, Pence praying for the answers, Harris actually doing decent but getting overlooked, and Trump complaining that it is somehow rigged and that he had the toughest questions.

    1. Body language says it all. Wind or not she could have have let him hold her arm while holding down her dress.

  3. Just look at the presidents wealth before they take office and after. That should tell you who takes advantage of the system.

    1. You deserve way more thumbs for that comment, your so right , it’s crazy people don’t see it , watch in a few year AOC is gonna be living on Martha Vineyard next to Obama but still crying b.s

  4. I think is amazing how you cant see Jeff Dunham moving the dummies mouth! …really good CGI

  5. We all really missed something here! What have the Dems done in the last 4 years? Absolutely nothing; nothing at all! So now what?

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