DNC Chair Calls On Iowa Democratic Party To Recanvass The Results Of The Caucus | MTP Daily | MSNBC

DNC Chair Tom Perez called on the Iowa Democratic Party to recanvass the results of the Iowa Caucus. Chuck Todd says, “If you thought the situation for Democrats out of Iowa couldn't get any more chaotic, you'd be wrong.” Aired on 02/5/20.
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DNC Chair Calls On Iowa Democratic Party To Recanvass The Results Of The Caucus | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. A tie lol. After declaring Pete the winner after 62%. Now that Bernie is about to win. You declare a tie. Lol. Wow. This is why nobody trusts the media. He has the popular vote and in the delegates they are basically tied. Get ypur facts straight.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot – HA! A smart person in the chat! Great comments!
      Yes. This snafu with Iowa, does help Trump
      Yes. The Washington Examiner is right leaning junk. Media bias check: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/washington-examiner/
      Yes. If Bernie wins the Democrat nomination, I would register as an Independent because I’m not a Democrat-Socialist.
      Yes. I would still vote for anyone BLUE against Trump.
      If Bernie somehow wins against Trump, and he has a failed presidency, the GOP will yell “failed socialism” for decades.
      The Bernie zealots are doing NOTHING to win the Senate. They know nothing about the vulnerable GOP seats. They do not know, Bernies policies are just that…policies…with an obstructionist Senate.

    2. @Carolyn Talbot Well lets talk about the 2016 conspiracy of Bernie loosing due to DNC rigging first.

      1. DNC national committee officials including the chair resign after emails leak show they were working against Bernie and helping Hillary.
      2. The Interim chair Donna Brazile on National TV says Hillary controlled the DNC funding and so ran the DNC and that it was rigged against Bernie before walking the word rigged back.
      3. Let not forgot the super delegates and how the override the voters like in West Virginia where Bernie won all the counties.
      4. Forgot how Hillary got questions before hand.

      As a journalist I hope your health appreciates the links.

      Give me some time and I can go find articles to show how Pete Buttigieg Campaign paid the Shadow company money. How all the Shadow App company Employees are former Hillary Clinton campaign people, how the CEO Tara McGowan of company behind the Shadow Inc called Acronym is married to Michael Halle a political consultant for Hillary and now look at that Senor Strategist for Pete Buttigieg. What a coincidence? No conspiracy here folk.
      Lets not forgot Pete’s Campaign called off the Des Moines Register Poll which has now leaked showing Bernie leading.

      Don’t let me do all the work for you, as a journalist with a degree surely you can look up and verify this info yourself.

    3. @Carolyn Talbot
      Good luck convincing the Bernie zombie cult using facts. Their cult relies on a weak grasp of reality. They want to completely ignore they need the House and Senate to to change the tax code to fund any of Bernie’s plans. Executive orders can’t change tax code.
      Pete declares victory and they whine. Bernie and Pete are tied and they whine. Bernie declares victory and they whine. I see a trend.
      Bernie or Busters gave Trump the win in 2016. There is no sign that they’re any less petulant or spiteful.
      Sanders supporters that voted for Trump
      in 2016
      WI: 51k
      MI: 47k
      PA: 116k

      Trump win margin
      WI: 22k
      MI: 10k
      PA: 44k

    1. @Dave Schultz your fake news Putin said he didn’t do it and trump agreed with Putin in front of the world at Helsinki

    2. @William M EVery American indicator is improved over the previous administration.

      Trump been exonnerated fully!
      Fake dossier
      Fake kavannagh letter
      Fake impeachment.
      Fake presidential primaries
      Fake presidential debates

      DNC got caught

  2. You haven’t even given us the first set of votes you GD cheats. Just take the L and let democracy happen, we the people know exactly what you’re doing and MSDNC you’re no better either! Bernie will win no matter what f*ckery you come up with, you got money we got people.

    1. @Dave Schultz lol republican philosophy is smaller government. Trump has literally been cutting or trying to cut almost every single government agency. Trump has put in or tried to put in the least qualified people in charge of government most people in Trump’s administration are just acting. The people Trump hires are people like Rick Scott who literally ran on abolishing the department he is in charge now

  3. It sounds like the DNC is trying to defeat Sanders by any means necessary … if that is true then america is over.

    1. Bernie is a member of the Democratic caucus and has voted with the party more often than the average Democrat (95 percent of the time opposed to 80 percent).

    2. @Dave Schultz A Republican throws an axe at Obama during his inauguration.*
      _”What? He’s not a REPUBLICAN. That makes it all understandable and okay!”_

    1. The front-runner isn’t even a DEMOCRAT. I love when Liberals fall completely apart. Reagan predicted it.

    2. Get rid of Chair DNC Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders had WON all three category. CNN, MSnbc, Tom Perez are suppressing the Iowa voters. 🤬

      Reagan was a hardcore racist…🙄

  4. Sanders have to fight Trump, his party and the dems. Fair enough. They all will feel the Bern and they will love it.

    1. @boston bevo lol wut. Are you seriously rying to compare the intelligence of Obama and King Numpty? SERIOUSLY? rofl

    2. @Eco Geek the word is trying not rying. dont get too upset princess. trump is leaving jan 20th 2025. dont think you’ll make it til then. rubber room for you

    3. @boston bevo It’s noice living rent-free in the heads of morons. I live in the heads of around 30-40 of you human skin suits filled with tentacles. Got me another moron for my collection 😉

    1. @L X I hope you realize Joe Biden when he was in his fifties had. Brain surgery and he’s also had a double heart transplant. You brain-dead idiots.

  5. Bernie will raise corporate taxes on companies like MSNBC. He will use those dollars to make sure tens of thousands of people don’t die in emergency hospital rooms. He will use those dollars to make sure people get a quality education and a good paying job. He will use those corporate taxes to lesson the horrific effects of climate change for an entire generation of human beings.

    All MSNBC wants is more $ in their pockets. A Pathetic demonstration of the lack of journalistic integrity

    1. Well, I’m not a corporate shill and I do not think a 78 year old cardiac patient (who will *not* get M4A passed in Congress because no one can pass it as currently written, and will deliver us into the hands of another Republican midterm sweep and another faux-populist Republican president in 2024) is a good idea. And that’s if he can overcome the right-wing disinformation campaign and the general population’s ignorance about Democratic Socialism, which is a big IF.
      Bernie is a great guy. He’s also a terrible candidate for this election. Not everything is a fecking CoNsPiRaCy.

    2. Carolyn Talbot
      A wink and a nod is not considered a conspiracy it’s considered a deal

    3. @Anna Notherthing -12 years ago Bernie supporters have a point about the DNC’s general lack of diversity and a preference for Centrist candidates among leadership. That does not mean there’s a cabal to subvert Sanders so that corporations can pay less taxes. The fact is that Sanders can not get the things he promises done, because the president does not pass legislation. He has a long history of stubbornness and a disdain for convincing people to work with him; his stans seem to confuse that with ideological purity.
      Buttigieg has managed to engage moderates despite a very progressive platform, including: a public option for healthcare (like Australia’s system) $15 minimum wage, 15 Supreme Court justices and court reform, and most importantly *abolishing the electoral college, gerrymandering, and voter suppression.* He is a better candidate, hands down, for getting the leftist agenda done in the real world.

    4. Carolyn Talbot
      You can give up, its your prerogative but I am going to take full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and elect someone and his views of how America should move forward in a progressive manner despite the road blocks you see standing in his way. 2022 will again be a massive movement to have congress change their ideology or face loosing their seats. Then it’s onto a progressive agenda that should have been implemented in 1980

  6. And the app that crashed during the caucuses was designed by a George Soros controlled company…..coincidence?

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