‘Do not risk your life’: DHS Secretary Mayorkas addresses Title 42 ending #Shorts

Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas pleaded with migrants not to cross the border illegally as Title 42 nears its end.

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Hundreds of migrants are already sleeping on downtown sidewalks of El Paso and overflowing the city's shelters as Title 42, which allows for easier expulsion of migrants, comes to an end.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday said it will be chaotic at the border immediately after the policy change. Biden's comments were more candid than the message his press secretary sent hours earlier about the lifting of Title 42, which allows easier expulsion of migrants.

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  1. Last estimate of people in the usa illegally ,50 million in 2023 ,and that might be a under counting

  2. Where are all the contards at?! They should be finally celebrating to this, like their favorite team just won the super bowl.

  3. Where are all the “America First”ers at?! They should be all celebrating out in the streets like their team just won the Super Bowl! Oh thats right they hate 46 because Trump said “SleEpy oLd mAn bAd”😅

  4. Some people elected to this type of managerial position are just not fit to perform their basic duties…it’s like hiring a lawyer to perform a heart transplant…

  5. It takes a certain amount of gall to stand before anyone and speak the outright lies this individual is speaking. The Southern boarder alone is an unprecedented mess. Just visit a few of those Boarder towns on the US side and you’ll be convinced. I have Family on both US and Mexican sides and both are horrendous.

  6. Hopefully your broadcasting this to the people crossing because telling me does nothing to help

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