‘Do You Want A President Picking On Judges?’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday issued a rare criticism of President Donald Trump, telling ABC News that the president's tweets about Justice Department matters 'make it impossible for me to do my job.' Aired on 2/14/2020.
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'Do You Want A President Picking On Judges?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Since the white house admitted his twitter use is based on him being a citizen like everybody else I say he should be banned just like everybody else can be. As a citizen he needs to obey the rules.

    1. @shade38211 a raid that came up with nothing. These clowns are rediculous. The President is right about the Democrats tho, instead of focusing on America, they would rather carry out fake witch hunts and burn up tax dollars

    2. @Nimbus Nimbus Yawn.

      I suggest you go read up on what hate speech is. Maybe then you’d save yourself the embarrassement.

    3. @Nimbus Nimbus How many people around Trump have gone to prison or are facing charges again?

      Strange how a witch hunt keeps finding witches.

    1. @kingpest13. . . Tentacles look natural on that face. He’s so calm and collected while explaining why he committed an atrocity. This is how we lose our democracy. Hello Authoritarian Rule.

  2. Impeach Trump again, astrologers say he will be a second time, and Impeach John Mitchell/ Bill Barr whilst at it. He serves only Trump not the American people, WTF?

    1. Can’t impeach him again until after 2020 election when the Republicans in the Senate is vote d out… They have shown you they do not want to do their job ….protect the constitution of the United States of America.. So vote them out

  3. Barr is full of it. It’s a masterful bit of misdirection. No one is concerned that Barr is being bullied, the concern is he’s a willing accomplice. And the fact that he tries to conflate his relationship with the Congress, the media and the president is complete bull. His relationship to the president stands alone due to its unique dynamic of the president being his boss.
    As usual when Barr talks to the media all he’s doing is covering his behind and protecting Trump.

    1. @Rod Please tell us why Trump has yet to freak out about this? He went after his last AG for following the rules.

    2. @Rod. . . . What I can tell you about that is that it might cause reasonable Americans to arm themselves and take care of this criminal administration the old-fashioned way.

  4. “… making it impossible for me to do my job ….”
    Translation: “… making it impossible to carry out the president’s corrupt orders, in secret ….”

    1. The final move for us will be a country split. It beats going into a civil war the right keeps bringing up. California the most hated state, should lead the way. 5th in world GDP, we can rebuild. All Freedom loving states are welcome to join. Let the GOP keep their orange makeup wearing dictator.

  5. ‘Do You Want A President Picking On Judges?’
    Well it seems that the Pro Trumpers do! They think that a Malignant Narcissist and Lying King is the best thing next to pop-top Beer.

    1. The orange one already HAS picked our judges with the help of Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey and Bubba Barr. They’ve loaded up the judiciary to make sure that all those new, incompetent appointees approved by the Senate Republicans will have the ability to take care of all the Prez men when they are indicted and convicted. So he has already won the judge issue


    1. Right usually one federal crime you get many years. Stone had 7 felonies and only 7- 9 years he should count himself blessed

    2. How about that intervention in the Mueller Report on the crimes of his crime boss, or Epstein. What exactly did Barr say to Epstein and prison guards before Epstein was murdered? Hmm?

    3. @Severin Slightly 😂 Dude stop talking lol this whole room clowned you enough for one day. Take this L with a little dignity.

    4. @Severin Slightly Judging by your completely pointless and ignorant response, you don’t seem to know much of anything. Instead of just answering the question like a normal person, you responded like a typical uneducated Trump cultist with little to no IQ left to work with. If you don’t know, just shut up and stop wasting everybody’s time trying to be relevant.

  6. “President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case”…blinks and looks down…clearly lying! This interview is such BS.

  7. When Bill Barr says it makes it harder for him to do his job, what he don’t say is that his job is to cover up for Trump.

    So when Trump tweet, it exposes Barr conduct. I know they said it in the video too, but I started writing before 😂

    1. MrSoTiredOfTheNewYoutubes😅 The world used to worry that Iran or North Korea would get nuclear weapons, now its more worried that America has

    2. @Colin Matheson well, we should be equally worried because no one will come to save us when the GOP goes full third Reich 😂

    1. Exactly! And if he tries to escape, shoot him! And if you want to set it up to look like he tried to escape, that’s cool too!

    1. 🍌🚀👍! And when you’ve arrived, have you ever thought about what it would like if you have Trump 2.0?! Welcome to Honduras 🇭🇳, El Salvador 🇸🇻 & Nicaragua 🇳🇮! Once countries go down this path, there’s no turning back !

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton dude you’re comments are so dumb, what do you mean there was no evidence? Have you even bothered reading the call transcripts?

  8. Out of the tens of thousands of sentencing in courts why does Barr have an “ opinion “ about this particular case ? Doesn’t look like coincidence it’s a friend of Trumps.

    1. He needs his Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise channel. They give him his dose of Fox’ American Republican Taint’ and the bouquet it comes with.

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