Docs Show Rudy Giuliani Sought Private Meeting With Ukrainian President | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Newly released documents show that Rudy Giuliani wanted to meeting with the president of Ukraine shortly after his election. NBC News' Josh Lederman reports on how these new details could impact the impeachment case against President Trump. Aired on 01/15/20.
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Docs Show Rudy Giuliani Sought Private Meeting With Ukrainian President | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Why would Zelensky have a meeting with a lawyer of a private citizen Trump? Apparently, Rudy thinks he’s the smartest MF-er on the block.

    1. Giuliani pushing himself closer and closer in to prison it will be pull up a chair have beer and nut watching the stories he come out with when they arrest him

    1. Tracy Davidson: I agree. A bite of that “patty” could be detrimental to your health and well-being. The “patty” is TOXIC!

  2. If we don’t stop the Trump criminal organization, the American experience is over and might as well abolish the constitution and anoint Trump king.

    1. Smoking Guns are worthless when you have an administration that is 100% ABOVE THE LAW like Putin in Russia ( & We let it happen) Now we must vote him out in 2020 or expect more of the same , Only Worse !

    1. Only thing that surprises me anymore is how Trump supporters are still able to support him despite all the evidence.

  3. This is why Trump wanted to speed up the impeachment process because he knew the longer Nancy held back, more dirt would come out on him. Brace yourselves people because Trump is going to cause a diversion again. This is good news, but it’s also scary because we have a lunatic in the white house

    1. @Truth_Betold
      This will definitely put more pressure on trump and the GOP. And yes; what will be his next bold move?!

    2. the best news is that they took out the “football” from the satchel months ago, and put in an etchersketch.

  4. Trump has brought to light what happens when you allow crooks to have power. All the slugs come out from under their rocks for a feeding frenzy. America will no longer stand for anything but corrupt politicians.

  5. And thus, *another* GOP defense line is shot in sank by documented evidence.
    Trump knew and was all in on this Ukraine extortion scheme.

    This is outright *criminal* and Rudy should be arrested at once for his part in this.

    Together with his fake-tanned client…

  6. Why isn’t anyone saying the obvious. They were planning a hit on the ambassador and the president knew it. That’s why he said she is going to go through some things in his call with the Ukrainian prime minister.

    1. Her potential evidence doesn’t warrant that action and if she had any more seriously damning evidence she would have declared it already.

  7. Comrad bone spurs is a menace to society and needs to be locked up rudy to hes a poor excuse for a human being

  8. I would enjoy genetically testing each republican member in Congress to see if they are who they say they are. #BlackKnight

  9. I don’t know him or him I take pictures with everybody. To be honest with you I don’t I know myself i take pictures with my self I don’t my self

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