Doctor makes emotional plea after deadly mass shooting

Dr. Jason Smith, the chief medical officer at University of Louisville Health, said he is "weary" of treating gunshot victims and called for action after a mass shooting at a bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, left several people dead and many others hospitalized. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. @Gregg Mackie I bet you, with your face in the picture and name on your account you could have a house full of guns and none of them would protect you. 😉

  1. Does it break his heart when his hospital sends people off to subpar hospital because they don’t have the money???

    1. @P Jay

      For starters, Germany is still 80% German, still has 260 million less people than the US and a better family unit

  2. Identify people who mean to harm others, and put protective services in place.
    Like drunk driving…we don’t outlaw cars…we look for, and remove drunk drivers.

    1. @Chaz T besides the fact that we don’t have a right to clean drinking water and whether or not you have access to it depends on your location, I’m not sure how your analogy is intended to apply. Are you trying to compare security and protection with water? Should the government start banning people from being able to purify water for themselves?

    2. @saywhatonemoredtime Water is fundamental to life, it is absolutely a right. The fact that you don’t think so says everything I need to know. The point is, not everything the government mandates is a violation of your freedom. The government providing clean drinking water isn’t violating anyone’s rights. That’s the entire basis of your argument. And I proved it’s absurdity. From here on, I must advise you, you would be making a fool of yourself by not being able to follow such a basic example.

    1. How many medical errors, the third leading cause of death, has he made that resulted in someones death? Hmm.

    1. What good is that doing for the dead victim & their family?? Yes, punish murderers….but if you really want to solve the problem, try to prevent murder from happening in the first place.

    2. @MELANIE Redfield only works if you address the social aspects. Murders with hands and fists outnumber gun deaths, as do blunt objects like hammers, knives and other common items.

    1. @Bobby Light, the irony of complaining about CNN being on par with Fox, while watching a CNN report saying more can be done. 😂

  3. Address mental health hardcore. Fortify our schools. Implement tough background checks when buying firearms. Just don’t take them away from good people so we can defend ourselves.

    1. How about compromising?? Nobody wants to take all the guns away nor revoke our right to be armed for self protection. But there is not one reason for a civilian to carry military grade weapons and high capacity magazines. Those are weapons of war & designed specifically to kill mass numbers of people very quickly. We just need to be reasonable on all sides & work together to find a solution instead of taking the attitude that it has to be either/or.

    2. This is all completely reasonable. I don’t want schools to be a fortress, but thank you for expressing background checks as something you’re open to.

      I don’t want to take anyone’s guns away. UNLESS, their loved one or family member says they aren’t capable of having them (red flag laws) for a short time until they get help. Reasonable, sensible gun laws don’t require taking them from responsible law abiding citizens.

    3. Do you need military style rifles to protect yourself? Looks like the sacrifice of so many is all in vain when people say don’t take away my guns. But why not to take away war style rifles. Make your plea of keeping rifles to the parents of children who died in Texas and the police who were in tactical gear and rifles did nothing for 70+ minutes. How may bullets did those kids faced due to the high capacity magazines used. Feeling sorry and doing nothing is what people are fed up of

    4. @Sunny nobody was defending assault rifles so a person with mental health issues that are obviously capable of planning something like this wouldn’t find a different way to do it. Nobody is saying that those parents are suffering buddy relax man why you putting words in peoples mouth?

    5. You don’t need an ar15. Neither does any member of the public….let’s also stop pretending that’s not part of the problem

  4. Please write, call, email lawmakers….at every level….and tell them to do SOMETHING. If they don’t hear from the people, they will continue to do nothing.

    1. @S J there is nothing they can do, killers are created by their enviroment, not access to an object. Murder is aleady illegal….

    2. the right to vote is the most powerful right we have. If you do not believe in the democratic system you have to question if you believe in America. The fact is in America you have to freedom to vote anyone you want into office. Even in a 2 party system you can decide who represents you. Saying politicians are corrupt and ineffective is a excuse, if you don’t like the ones you have, vote for one you do like.

  5. Get the DAs to get tough and prosecute the criminals and bring back capital punishment with quick resolution.

  6. We should protect our children the same way we protect politicians, celebrities, banks, concert venues, etc. They deserve the best protection we can provide. Where will the money come from? Easy, defund the board of education. Shift our focus from administration, back to teaching and protection. Focus on the basics–reading, writing, STEM, personal finance, accountability.

    1. @Noah Zellers If criminals are not afraid of the police, who carry guns in the open, then who are you that they are going to fear?

    2. @Noah Zellers Look at other countries with better gun laws, like Australia. Almost zero gun violence for decades, so you don’t need to carry a gun 😊
      The alternative is to engage in an arms race, but if criminals had rocket launchers, would legalising rocket launchers make us safer?
      Of course not 🤷‍♂️

  7. Actually the politician’s are doing something. However, it’s making it worse by not enforcing all of the laws already on the books.

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