Doctor: Rapid Antigen Tests Could Control Virus Spread By Christmas | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Doctor: Rapid Antigen Tests Could Control Virus Spread By Christmas | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


    1. @Buddy Mckimmey Trump was crying election fraud before peoples votes were even counted by mail by what I saw. He pressed people to do it and did a 380°
      And funny how his daughter was dabbling in buying the voting machines isn’t it ?! Why was that ?!

  1. I have stopped caring. No relief from the government. I’ve had to work each day during the pandemic, in a crowded setting. The people telling me to care, aren’t showing me they care, so I don’t care about it

    1. Essential worker roll everday day after day haven’t see or been around anyone with this cupid
      Inside connection thru out the country 😉

    2. You have to care even when others don’t. Otherwise their cynicism and fatalistic approach wins. Hang in there!

  2. There is implied assumption that people who insist the virus is a ‘hoax,’ or just the ‘flu,’ will submit to common sense. The social contract has been breached, significantly.

    1. You’re right of course, I’m trying to engage but it’s time consuming and frankly too much for them. This is going to be my new approach: Ask them _”How could this be done better?”_ – Srsly, that’s all, but I’m not optimistic, as you probably agree. It’s brief so they can’t help but read it and it might get some of them thinking out of their little box. But wow, those are some mixed up people.

    2. @Dy Dayton What gets me is my mother and brother are Mormons. I don’t subscribe to religion, but I can fantasize that they ” might ” do the right thing?
      I never knew my brother was such a racist and so closed off to people who aren’t him.

    3. @Cowboy Bob I’m sure Q anon has some crazy stuff to say ” it couldn’t be done better because of…” I think you are on the right path, but just make sure you are a few yards ahead of those people when you are being chased by a bear in the woods.
      The Darwin awards could have a plethora of candidates this year. 👍

    4. ​@Jonathan Mol Another is “pharma’s taking risks that may destroy the industry and the whole world’s watching, the results can’t be hidden.” Then, throw in “goodbye cancer treatments” and the like.
      Polio and smallpox vaccines are good reminders. Another one is “did your parents vaccinate you?” – but that implies their mental impairment isn’t as a result! Heh: “your parents must’ve vaccinated you, numbskull.”

  3. We started doing this in the UK in the second week of November with an initial allocation of 600,000 tests. Now a UK sourced test is being used which has a false positive rate of about 18% which means the test can accurately show exposure for 81.7% of people. The idea is to send out millions per week and hope people behave appropriately.

  4. Remember when t’rump said he didn’t like testing because it “caused” more cases.
    Yeah, that was all sorts of ways dumb and wrong. 😂🤣

    1. I said this early on in the pandemic. Also, people need to wear a fault band that is color coded and number coded. The number is the fault tolerance, so a range of numbers is acceptable. Higher is better if you define it that way. You can define it reverse also. Negative numbers are allowed.

      *If you only meet people in the color band and over a certain number, you can go in that area without a mask or social distancing* . This could have been done in March 2020, and the pandemic could have been stopped by May 2020.

    1. doesn’t work, people don’t test positive until AFTER they’ve been infectious for way too long for it to have any legitimate value!

      Do you know the difference between Sydney & Melbourne’s handling of the same outbreak? (other than you heard about Melbourne’s cause they totally lost control & had to go into a severe lockdown as hundreds died, while Sydney remained open & fully functional with only 2 deaths) The difference was that Sydney contact traced & isolated THREE generations of contacts for every positive test, Melbourne only traced & isolated 2 generations! That’s the difference between control or exponential growth, so how on earth do you think you can control it with ZERO generations of contacts isolated? Melbourne btw eventually switched to 3 generations of contacts traced & isolated & had the virus eliminated from the community within 2 weeks or doing so.

      Stop wasting time on stuff that’s been tested & proved as useless! Do what works!

    2. What good is testing unless you are willing to restrict a person’s Constitutional right to travel as set forward in the 5th Amendment?

  5. Trump said “nothing more could’ve been done.” How about coming up with an affordable home test kit then using the Defense Production Act to produce it in mass?! That and closing travel from Europe and 200k people would probably still be alive.

  6. I’ve thought all along we needed quick home tests for covid 19. The Trump administration has made this pandemic so much worse than it had to be!

  7. What good is testing unless you are willing to restrict a person’s Constitutional right to travel as set forward in the 5th Amendment?

  8. That assumes an intelligent, responsible population, prepared to cooperate with one another. That’s 0 of 3 for the US.

  9. “Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others. The same applies when you are stupid.”

  10. How about a mass mailing of the antigen tests to everyone with a USA address? Must be really hard to do if Trump could not do it.

  11. They are the homeless
    💩 Forgot to say that. Stop calling the homeless covid-19 deaths. You closed the Church and it’s Law enforcement. The death’s are your crimes against humanity.

  12. Dr. Mina has had these low cost, paper tests available for months but the FDA has not approved the lower cost Rapid Tests! Shame, shame FDA. Dr. Mina is a regular contributor on MedCram with Dr. Seheult and is excellent! Thank you for interviewing him.

  13. Sounds great but you have to get 49% of US attitudes to change.
    Condolences on 3000 a day deaths. Trump sure screwed up but who’s unaccountable if not the leader?

    1. Cyclone — Let’s be clear….the Trump administration has refused to do what is needed to protect the country. The Republicans have contributed to this neglect.

    2. @A Sise You are correct. The point was that Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch have failed to aid the American people. One is already going to be on the way out, so the question is whether Republican senators will grow a pair of balls apiece and do what is needed Based on the 106 signatures on the Texas lawsuit that is guaranteed to fail, it does not look like it. And they will be remembered for it. I have to hope they are only acting to keep Trump off their backs, but I don’t know anymore.

  14. MSNBC and all the media in fact, all of them, even independent media failed in covering the technical side of the virus. Dr. Mina was talking about this months ago on MedCram which is a show run by a another doctor.

    Get your information from the source. All of you journalists are college grads. Did you not learn this concept in school?

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