Doctor treating Covid-19 patients: People can't comprehend how horrific this disease is 1

Doctor treating Covid-19 patients: People can’t comprehend how horrific this disease is


Dr. Shirlee Xie, Associate Director of Hospital Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota, tells CNN's Ana Cabrera what it's like treating Covid-19 patients day after day as her state experiences a surge of coronavirus cases.

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    1. Sadly it’s about to get sicker. People are going to realize once they start getting turned away in the next few weeks and dying at home with thoughts and prayers

    2. Especially the doctors and nurses on the upper floors of the hospitals suffering from boredom due to the lack of regular sick elective medicine patients.

  1. I suspect that the true neglect of the Trump Administration will be more shocking than we suspect even now.. his primary role is to protect Her Citizens… he has done the opposite

  2. Not gonna lie I honestly feel that not enough coverage was truly put into the medical field. It should’ve been more focused instead of on dumbass who has put nurses and doctors lives in grave danger. This should have been front page EVERY SINGLE DAY

  3. God please be with our Doctors and nurses and all hospital workers, and all essential workers. God please help them, send your healing to them and there family’s and our families. In Jesus name I pray!! Amen

  4. We love all this doctors
    this is traumatic I feel her pain this is like going to a war and see so many people dying

  5. This woman is risking her life to save people and you guys are making fun? Great role models for kids like me. You guys are ridiculous

    1. I know and speak to 2 women that have been in the medical field for many years and are doing the testing. They both tell me how overblown and falsified this has been to this day. More Fake News.

    2. @enrique martinez Some doctors don’t take Covid serious, even today despite all testimonies. I’m sure she’s seen more than the average person or doctor.

  6. I’m so sorry for her emotions. She wore out, seeing people’s pass away. Dear Lord Jesus give her strength to endure the strain, hurt, while giving her best and things get worst. Dear Lord bless all the health care workers in King Jesus name Amen. Peace be still. Thank you Jesus for what you’re going to do in King Jesus name Amen.

  7. I believe what you are saying and support you, God Bless you and God protect you. And your ço-workers.

  8. thank you for the strength to share. these people are undeniably angels and heroes to the fullest extent. we are eternitally grateful.

  9. God Bless All Our Nurses and Dr’s in this time we all need to pray. Listen to her voice…
    She means it.
    Mask on if you want to live

  10. So sad my heart breaks for this doctor’ .she’s doing her best yet end result is death frightening to hear can’t imagine patients pain

  11. It’s sad to see ,that in hard times like this, we are not together and helping each became almost one , holding hands to see the light on the other side of the tunel.

  12. The thing that makes me laugh is when deniers get it and deny it until their last breath. Imagine dying because you are that stupid.

  13. What I find hard to comprehend is how a mutated strain of the flu is still being used to justify a form of soft martial law…

  14. Guys take a look at Ana Cabreras face when this nurse starts in with her sobbing and crying right at the start of the interview. Shes trying not to die of laughter!

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