Doctors provide update on President Trump’s condition | USA TODAY

Doctors provide update on President Trump's condition | USA TODAY 1


Dr. Sean Conley, White House physician, gives an update on the president's condition. Trump says he is leaving the hospital Monday evening.

Trump's doctor, Navy Commander Sean Conley, said if the president continued to look and feel well, "our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as (Monday) to the White House, where he can continue his treatment course." At a news conference Sunday, physicians said the president had begun a course of the steroid dexamethasone on Saturday following a drop in his oxygen levels. Claiming progress in his personal fight against COVID-19, Trump ventured outside in an SUV on Sunday and waved at supporters who gathered at the hospital before then returning to the facility. Critics called the move "reckless" and said Trump endangered the Secret Service members riding in the vehicle with him. Dr. James P. Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, tweeted that everybody in the vehicle with Trump should be quarantined for 14 days.

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35 Comments on "Doctors provide update on President Trump’s condition | USA TODAY"

  1. Could you imagine being this young and taking care of POTUS. WATCH secret service protection the POTUS of America. Pretty cool how they create a wall to protect the POTUS docs.😎

  2. raven sanchez | October 5, 2020 at 3:40 PM | Reply

    He will be fine…

  3. Queen Aisha AL | October 5, 2020 at 3:52 PM | Reply

    The fisrt doctor is so polite, friendly and diplomatic. Thank you doctors for helping the world to get over this crazy covid.👍👍🌹

    • The journalists are going crazy because they want Trump sick so bad. What a disgusting bunch of losers.

    • Why don’t the journalists ask these questions about Biden’s health decline. They just harass our great President all the time.

  4. Sean Conley was the best James Bond.

  5. Squirrel was like, “Hey, I don’t feel so good! Let me in!”

  6. The freak Show continues

  7. I thought the virus would disappear in April. Maybe he meant 2021 ?

    • @Koala Brawla No, he said “The virus will magically disappear in April”. drone.

    • @Koala Brawla He also said you can inject bleach. Why…he should follow his own advice!

    • @Auntie M you spend way to much time being brainwashed by the little black box

    • No STUPID….PRESIDENT not a miracle worker….vaccine COMING…HE’S USING IT AS GUINEA PIG…DO U APPRECIATE THAT?????!!😡😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸G- bless Mr Trump2020

    • @Karen Hill … and if the vaccine doesn’t come?
      If your sick and you go to your doctor do you want him to tell you all is well even if your seriously ill? So you don’t panic. Or as an adult do you want to hear the truth? He’s not our daddy , he’s the President.
      That’s what he did and that’s why there are now 7 million infections and 210,000 deaths in this country. He’s a stupid man Karen. Wake up !

  8. Lol the squirrel sneaking

  9. Osita Anichebe | October 5, 2020 at 4:39 PM | Reply

    Why squirrel

  10. The Real Ali Q | October 5, 2020 at 4:40 PM | Reply

    The SECRET of ALL Secret Societies

    The Third Eye. The Pyramids.

    The Third Eye = Telepaths, psychics. Nearly half of the global population is telepathic/psychic. Referred to in the modern day, as ‘Awakening/Opening the Third Eye’, telepaths/psychics aren’t permitted to disclose much information to those who are not awake/aware i.e. telepathic/psychic. There are rules. There is a policing force also made of secret societies.

    The Pyramids = Ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Regarded as mysterious, with questions remaining to present day as to the purpose of their construction, answers are kept hidden within secret societies and the minds of telepaths. Revealed to only those who awaken their third eye and become telepathic, is the marvel of electricity existing in ancient times. Concepts of Free Energy are originally derived from the ancient pyramids, known for producing free electricity in mass volumes, instantaneously. This secret along with the actual methods that were used and needed to produce free energy are kept secret by half the world and regulated by secret societies. The pyramids were turned OFF a long time ago, they can be turned ON today if the secret and hidden powers to be wanted the world to have free energy.

    How? Electrical components, Inductors and Transformers (coils), do not transfer electricity but actually create free electricity. Solar energy fed back into an inductor or transformer, can create unlimited electricity instantaneously. Norms (non-telepaths), are often discouraged and confused when attempting to study electrical engineering or physics due to the false assertion of Electrons. There are no such thing as electrons, they are taught only to confuse norms so they don’t figure out the solution to the worlds energy problems.

    There is a reason why the cartoon ‘Transformers’ was created, along with the lyric in it’s theme song, “Transformers – More Than Meets The Eye.”

    For more Secrets Revealed publicly, Vote Trump!

  11. Brandy Putnam | October 5, 2020 at 4:43 PM | Reply

    They have got to be out of their ever loving mind. He can not be safe he proved that by his actions yesterday. Ridiculous!!!! And he wonders why no one trusts or believes him……. For shame on them and for shame on him. 206 possible contacts let’s just go back out and infect more people!!!! This is stupid. About as stupid as the atrocities that happened in the so called debate that he made fun of not only Biden but every person who puts others safety ahead of theirs. How much were they paid? Or did he threaten to harm them or their family. President or nothe should be held up to the same standards as the citizens of the United states are held up too. What looks weak is a grown man completely neglecting the rules and guidelines. Twisting the truth. And straight out lying. But you know let’s all just jump on that broken down three wheeled chopped up band wagon. Absolutely disgusting!!!

    • I DO BELIEVE THEY know BEST….PRES is wearing mask …just keep having FAITH, hon….PRAY!!!..He s the PRESIDENT..has lots if care ….social distances !!

  12. Wow… this sounds like medical malpractice. Doctor KNOWS how dangerous it is FOR OTHERS to surround themselves with the president right now. These actions are incredibly negligent. It’s becoming very obvious that his priority is to please the whims of the selfish president than to speak out what is accurate and medically SOUND.

    Get ready to see more people at White House test positive 🙄

    Are these real doctors or ACTORS?!?!

    • What are they going to do, tell him that he can’t literally go home? This isn’t on the doctors. It’s not their decision. Everyone else is allowed to stay at home, certainly the president is. The only person being negligent is Trump. The doctors either work with him or they get replaced. But it’s kind of odd that one doctor who talked about sex with demons wasn’t there, I heard she was top tier.

    • Sex with demons? Trump? Oh tell me more.

    • MikeGamerGuy I understand your point, had it been for a regular citizen. But we are talking about the President of the United States. The doctor is not being professional at all, saying he is sending the president “home”… the White House is ALSO an office full of many… and you know that house will not be emptied and leave the president of the United States alone.

      He also gave a very important message for the nation /world to hear on his so-called expertise. And as a responsible medical doctor he should have voiced out the TRUTH – that he is against the idea of the president leaving so early.

      The doctor made it sound like he was all for the idea of the president being discharged as if we were talking about some common flu.

      He was painting a delusional picture and that is not the job of a DOCTOR, that is the job of an actor or a joker of the King.

  13. Well he might have beaten covid but what about the mental instability? You can’t let this psychopath roam around freely, Doctors. Keep him locked up.

  14. Those vitals are all perfect. Smh.

  15. Best wishes to our president. I love him. yes. I will vote for him

  16. He was gasping for air at the White House


  18. G- BLESS OUR PRESIDENT….have to have nerve dealin w these REPORTERS………..!!

  19. Why should I care about his ” clinical status”? The sooner he’s gone the better. No one was even shocked about his own admission that he has a brain of a child : “it’s been ‘let’s read a book school’ and I get it” Awesome.

  20. He is going back to WH while he is still contagious. No one thinks of other people.

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