Documentary Trailer: Black community in Minneapolis, activists find peace after George Floyd 1

Documentary Trailer: Black community in Minneapolis, activists find peace after George Floyd


The Black community in Minneapolis, connected through trauma, is activated by the Derek Chauvin verdict in the ongoing battle for justice.

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  1. Are you going to make a video explaining why you allowed Stacey Abrams to silently edit her op-ed in which she desperately tries to cover up the fact that she supported boycotting Georgia businesses- a move that cost black-owned businesses massive amounts of cash and quickly was abandoned?

    1. @LotWizzard i had a guy die on me last month with half the amount of narcotics in his system.

    2. @Kenny Williams do you have a problem with the riot on jan 6?? I’m guessing then you also have a problem with the riot in this city last year and all of the other riots BLM has every year?

  2. It’s indeed sad ! But anyway *We should be careful on money disposal , if you’re not spending to earn or get back money, then stop spending*

    1. D W Probably the same as the multimillion dollar homes of the majority white Congress. There’s little difference really. All these “leaders” are exploiting the people. That’s all they do. And the sooner we quit fighting each other and fight them, the better.

    2. @Jay Dawson so then what is ALM? what is the trumpies still doing at the capital riots?

  3. Theyre finally at peace. Now they can go back to scientific discoveries and technological advances.


    1. @gsutton78 they won, we lost. I got over it, why can’t you? Some people just love to hold on to that victimhood mentality bc then nothing is their own fault. Pathetic.

      No i have the educated successful brown card. No need for any white card.

      You absorb it because you cause it. There’s a reason why I or anyone else wants to live among you people.

    2. @Ems Life No one gets over it. The racists certainly don’t. Injustice will always return to haunt. It’s like a pendulum which swings back and forth between one extreme to the other. It will never come to rest as long as the agitation ensues and no one speaks out against it. These nationalists are against all of us. And if they ever did manage to rid themselves of their greatest enemies; us, they’re coming for you next. And once again, you have your little “brown” card because of blacks; we fought for the rights that you and other non-whites get to enjoy at times even more than us. But at the end of the day, as far as they’re concerned “you ain’t one of them” and that’s a fact. So I wouldn’t get to comfortable in your, uh, “brown-ness” .

    3. @OlderG0ds Uh, there are only 54 African countries, not 90, nitwit. Also, Europeans have always practiced slavery. 98% of the Romans’ slaves were other Europeans, particularly ones from northern Europe who were likely quite “pale” if you catch my drift.

    4. @Ems Life You’re talking about it too. That’s why you brought your race up. “Brown”. Remember? Lol!

  4. Pelosi. Thank George for taking one for the team.
    Thanked him for his service to the movement.

    1. @Ems Life And how do you suppose one person lives that? That’s a systemic issue. Don’t ask other people to put on their bare tongue that which you wouldn’t touch with an 80 foot pole.

    2. @Ems Life Yeah, you have enough of your own problems; stupidity probably being the biggest.

    3. @gsutton78 stupidity didn’t get me a bachelors degree. Nor did it tell me to leave the blk neighborhood I grew up in for a safer and less violent one.

  5. “Early 2021 Minneapolis Crime Stats Show 250% Increase In Gunshot Victims” – Yah, “peace.”

    1. @Ems Life The irony that the people claiming to be the “victims” in all of this are the ones killing each other in record numbers.

  6. “And they say it’s the white man I should fear
    But, it’s my own kind doin’ all the killin’ here”
    -Tupac Shakur

  7. Let’s not kid ourselves. This will be back to a crime-ridden cesspool by end of the week.
    ~Jim Eagle

    1. Jim Eagle Yes, it was designed to be that way by the system which sucked money out of them and into the corporations. Amazing how people think they can so maltreat and disenfranchise others without consequence.

    2. @Matt Eason If I could describe both your posts in two words, they would be: cognitive dissonance.

    3. @gsutton78

      Since you were obviously comfortable with my assessment can you go ahead and explain yours?

    4. @Matt Eason My assessment is simple: c. rate is directly proportional to sustained economic and political subordination. Hence, since the average national wealth of the black community is significantly less than that of the white community, then yes, there will a higher level of antisocial elements in the former. But go into poor wht areas and you see similar things. But racists don’t compare apples to apples. They take the best of themselves and their group and compare it to the average or worst of other groups. Instead, compare black communities with a similar wealth range of the whites and you will see social conditions that are more comparable. But of course that doesn’t fit the typical narrative.

  8. I think the defense made a huge mistake and missed an opportunity in
    this trial. They rested too early. I posted in length what I think on my
    home page video. Please let me know what you think. Thank you

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