‘Does not give Russia the right to attack’: Blinken pushes back on Rand Paul

Secretary of State Antony Blinken fired back at Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) after Paul suggested that Georgia and Ukraine were attacked by Russia because they were once part of the Soviet Union.


    1. @My Views all of them attacked NATO nations lmao its called fighting back in defense to stop further attacks

    1. I think the point is the Putin wants USSR back together. It seems pretty clear that Putin will attack nearly any of the countries that used to be part of the USSR…all in effort to put them into submission and put the USSR back together. Paul also agreed that it gives blessing for Russia to attack.

    2. And they fought for 100 years. Is that your point here? True 100 years isn’t “forever” it just feels like it.

    1. @My Views Syria? Do you really wanna talk about Syria? And how about we talk about every damn country Russia invaded since 1939???

  1. nope for the sake of argument. Lets say he is right. So he is attacking his own country? It’s even worse than I thought.

    1. @K H No, we have a volunteer military for that and they never get to choose what war they get tossed into.

  2. Ask Paul if it’s ok that the US to forget American independence and go back to being a British colony.

    1. @iamthe partyone You helpes us out in WW1 and WW2.
      This is by far the weakest enemy, which we could also easily handle ourselves. Nevertheless: Thank you for your help!
      Greetings from the Netherlands.

    1. @EEK! The cat I dont know what makes you feel all brute there buddy. But I would to see you whoever you are climb 60 ft in a tree with safety gear of course cutting trees down in the 100 degree Texas heat for even one hour!
      Bet you wouldn’t make it!

    1. @Sana LOL Russia did not invade Ukraine in 2014. The Russian-speaking Ukrainians proclaimed themselves independent from the Na zi controlled Zelensky regime.

      Get your facts and educate yourself.

    2. Blinken doesn’t know or distorts history. Very incompetent for his job title. I am ashamed as a taxpayer to have such leadership.

    1. What the point of being free when you’re already dead due to a nuclear strike. The guy is a senator, for your information persons his rank have already a spot on a bunker waiting to shelter them; what about you and your family, the sad part is that you don’t even realized that he is really working hard to save your life.

    2. @Jaxon Freeman yeah whatever man..And U.S. would let Mexico or Canada join the Russian federation?..lololololo

  3. Rand Paul is that one kid in the classroom, who spends their time trying to outsmart the teacher, because they think they are smarter, and that teacher can’t wait to pass him along to the next unfortunate teacher. Those kids never change.

    1. @Terry Hurtado

      I do not read her bragging anywhere in her comment.

      Neither does she boast she is smart.

      Although she obviously has smarts due to her genuinely accurate and illuminating comment which enriches YouTube commentary rather than turn it into a farce.

      By the way,
      99.999999 percent of all YouTube commentary are offered by and to strangers.

      If you haven’t noticed by now.

  4. Are the people that voted Rand Paul into his elevated office pleased to hear his statements “in their name”?

    1. @Matthew Neddeau If mexico disrespect the Usa border by putting missile, it that ok? No. Well that is what happened to Rusia’s border with Ukraine, Rusia warned to Nato and Usa, that it will go to war if they don’t clear the border. But Usa and nato did not listen instead pushed ukraine’s zelingski to anounce he was partnering with Nato.

  5. It is so nice to see the WORLD come together for a common goal I wish everyone was on the same page for the same purpose. “PEACE “

    1. @Brandon Rolfes a libertarian is basically an authoritarian with a special bent towards property rights and profits, thus I have little patience for such people. They’ll defend or allow any war crime if help move profit. margins Up.

  6. Besides, Ukraine has a long history of becoming this sovereign nation long before Moscow even was a spec on the map. And since 1917 the Ukraine Republic was established permanently after having been dominated by various occupiers. Then the Soviet Union annexed it until 1991!
    CNN should keep pointing that out! as should the former ambassador!

    1. That’s true but the annexation and the creation of the republic was basically the same thing. It was an evolution brought by the October revolution. Also Crimea was an autonomous Soviet republic at that time.

    1. @Sledzeppelin
      “The only person who believes Ukraine belongs to Russia is Putin.”

      Putin, they guy many think is capable of starting a nuclear war.

      Rand says, instead of ‘Putin bad don’t care’ maybe we should look into his reasoning. This includes his thoughts on former Soviet areas and his thoughts on US/NATO ‘provocation’.

      If Putin draws a red line and backs it with nuclear war, it doesn’t matter if you think his reasoning has no merit.

      Rand denounced the invasion and is concerned with us walking into nuclear war.

    2. @Yodie Yuh Is your (and Rand’s) position that we just let Putin annex any and all former Soviet states?

      And do you think he’ll stop there?

      Do you think he’ll be more or less of a threat, nuclear or otherwise, once he has annexed several eastern european countries and taken control of their militaries?

      What is Putin’s red line, and when did we or anyone else cross it?

  7. The operative word is “were” meaning they aren’t part of it at this date and shouldn’t be forced to reunite with them if they don’t want to!

    If you go by that reasoning: England, Spain, and Portugal should go back to “claiming their formal “territories!”

    1. How far back in history are people like Sanders willing to go? Ukraine was also part of the Ottoman Empire. Should Turkey control her? Spain was under Moorish control. Should Morocco rule Spain?

  8. Hey Senator Paul, should we return Alaska to Russia before, or after Russia justifiably invades? After all, Alaska used to be owned by Russia.

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