Does the ICC arrest warrant really present any threat for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin?

Guy Saint-Jacques, former ambassador to China, says the ICC arrest warrant for Putin means very little, and won't deter Xi from visiting.

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    1. @EinieN J Name a country that is in icc with the capability to accomplish that ..

    1. ​@ARyzen check how he is treating minorities and opponents in his country.
      All the best searching. 👋

  1. Cant find any straight talk on ICC and whether or not this really happened! Like most things, these things are conjured

  2. THE ICC would put The last 4 American presidents sentences. But the USA is not a part of the ICC, why would Russia 😂

  3. As Russian isnt a signatory to the ICC, this is much more a statement to the international community than a realistic ability to bring Putin to trial. If only that were possible though >_>

  4. первый прицел уже направлен в Гаагу из космоса. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  5. Hopefully Putin will send an Avangard to the location of the International COURT & detonate it!!

  6. breaking news: the russian military will arrive in person shortly to inspect the validity of this decree. i mean, how else would they know if this is for real or if it is a joke.

  7. “We consider the very premise outrageous and unacceptable,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “Russia, like many other states, does not recognize the jurisdiction of this court. Accordingly, any of its pronouncements are null and void to the Russian Federation from the legal standpoint.”

  8. Russia should put an open warrants on all ICC members and give rewards for their capture and extradition to Russia. International bounty hunters go, go, go.. 👍👍

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