Dogs Migrate to Canada from Jamaica | Vaccine Wasted Audit Announced | Medical Oxygen Shortage 1

Dogs Migrate to Canada from Jamaica | Vaccine Wasted Audit Announced | Medical Oxygen Shortage


Over 140 dogs are now in Canada after they were flown there from Jamaica.

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  1. New welcome to the channel a this dem must do everything in jamaica because the dogs dem walking around to much

  2. That make sense to give the vaccine to the nurses doctors vulnerable people good decisions lot of people are lack of understanding has to spell it out to them in layman’s terms.

  3. Many people don’t realise the culture in America/Canada. They LOVE pets, almost to obsession lol. There are even middle class people who take out INSURANCE POLICIES for their pets ! Dogs especially are very special & privileged in the west for sure. They do value them more than their fellow human being

    1. Even the poor class gets insurance for the pets in America we value them more than humans because they are innocent to society why treat them bad humans are evil that only either take money from your pocket and don’t make you happy that’s why is Americans value dogs and cats so much also because we can afford animal food bet if Jamaica started loving. Dogs more there would be more peace because animals are therapy helps you stay calm

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  5. Mi glad dem gone cause mi fraid a dem look how dem did bite up e lickle boy hope dem sen fi more.

  6. The same compassion you guys have for the dogs we want you to have for the homeless Canada for the homeless mi say them want live life too

  7. I live in Canada now. I miss my dog a yard when I was living as a child in st.thomas Jamaica.

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