DOJ: 440 Have Been Arrested In Capitol Riot Investigation

NBC News correspondent Scott MacFarlane gives the latest updates in Capitol riot arrests.
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    1. @Kevin Bragg Your parents abusing you doesn’t justify your abuse of anybody else.
      “The embrace, by working Americans, of policies that hurt their own interests can be understood on the basis of Ferenczi’s model of identification with the aggressor. Intrafamilial child abuse is often followed by the abuser’s denial. Children typically comply with abuse, in behavior and by embracing the abuser’s false reality, under threat of emotional abandonment. Similarly in the sociopolitical sphere, increasing threats of cultural and economic dispossession have pressed working Americans to adopt an ideology that misrepresents reality and justifies their oppression. In society as in the family, there can be a compensatory narcissistic reaction to forfeiting one’s rights that, ironically, encourages feelings of power and specialness while facilitating submission.”
      (The traumatic basis for the resurgence of right-wing politics among working Americans)
      DOI: 10.1057/pcs.2015.53

    1. @Sue Howie Still avoiding the Kamala bailout? I don’t blame you – I would not have a defense if I voted for that level of corruption either.

    1. @D1 T Orange Man said they looked “poor and dirty” but also he said he loved them. Maybe he really IS the second coming of Jesus Christ?

    1. That seems to be a glossed over detail that I haven’t heard about again ever since they released that statement.

    2. @Paul Copland They released it Jan. 12th which means some thought went into it. It might also provide a glimpse of what was going on during that 4 hr delay. I think Trump wanted their backing to use the Insurrection Act and he didn’t get it. So they issued this to make it clear where they stood to the public. I know why the right ignores it don’t know why it is not referenced more often elsewhere particularly with the current effort to whitewash Jan. 6th.

  1. They should test out South Carolina’s new firing squad on the treasonous insurrectionists. They’re a far greater threat than Isis ever dreamt of being.

  2. They also need to arrest those who incited the insurrection, including obviously Don the Con.

    1. Lin Wood too, he’s a bad one. And that lawyer, Powell. They all were so delusional they thought they could keep Trump in power and would be richly rewarded. They thought wrong.

  3. The Republicans was protected that day because of those officers, now they say they were on a tour.

    1. You or anyone else would be arrested for insurrection. Not here. Politicians call Socialism . They are the the socialists, the banks bailouts, the free healthcare, pensions forever. For what? What have they accomlished?

    1. The Trumpublicans are blocking this committee. Rattle at doors of your representatives to change that.

  4. There’s an old guy who dyes himself orange and glues weird hair to the top of his head hiding out in Florida. He incited all this. Arrest him next. I know where he lives.

    1. Nah, he will be protected by his buddy DeSantis. New York District will be knocking on his door eventually. I’m sure of it.

  5. They need to request all phone records from every person that works in capital including every member of senate and congress

  6. January 6th is something that I will never forget and something that I will remember better than what I had for breakfast! This is definitely one of the things that The Former Guy and his sycophants deserve to be locked up permanently without parole for!!

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