1. @Comment 200 didn’t file charges because there were no charges to be submitted!
      And instead of losing the court that way they decided to quit.
      It was aimed like that science the begging!


    1. @sir dontrip that’s BS. Nobody hated Bob…if that were true half the population would be hated by blacks. Smokey Robinson had green eyes from an irish grandmother. Bob’s dad was white. Alicia Keyes had a white mom. All musicians are cherished not hated.

    2. @sharon nagle most of those people were hated on for being a mixed breed. It was apart of the times and it still goes on to this day. I’m not saying they should be but they are hated on. It’s a fact

    1. @Goog Tube Facts? Who is going to be indicted? I asked you that simple question over an hour ago and you still haven’t answered it.

    2. @J Groovy the 4 leftover Mueller prosecutors committed prosecutoral abuse and misconduct. This is what prompted their resignation. They all face addional sanctions by the BAR and possible criminal charges. Of course it’s not reported as such by MSM. It is also possible (IMO) the 4 resignations are part of a conspiracy to later claim Trump obstruction of DOJ justice and discredit Barr as Trump’s puppet. More junk for fake impeachment 2.0. .

    3. Kay Bel So if you’re so confident Trump’s innocent, you should welcome this Second Impeachment, because with WITNESSES & EVIDENCE, Trump shall what, ‘be in the clear’ on Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Obstruction, Emoluments CRIMES, Perjury, Sex Trafficking etc etc… according to your posts, you should WANT Trump under oath, TESTIFYING ON LIVE TV, defending himself. Truth is on his side, he easily wins 2020, according to you; what do you have to lose?
      Innocent people want their day in court.
      I’m a Republican in Texas, and I believe that Trump should be under oath, and if evidence and testimony prove Trump has been the victim of a Tax Evasion FELON Sex Offender Witch Hunt, by all means, let’s give the boy his day in court.

    4. @J Groovy you really are misinformed. Brady material is withheld and being used in Durham’s grand jury making it classified and not available to use in Flynn’s case. Prosecutors manufactured evidence and altered FBI 302s used against Flynn …criminal. Additionally Flynn’ s prior attorneys before Sydney Powell were corrupt and working/colluding with the prosecution to undermind Flynn. .More important this case is fruit from the poisonous tree named the Mueller investigation (Fisa report) . 2- 28-20 case dismissed.

    1. @22 Veterans A Day I know more Vets that side with Trump than accept schiffs bs , if u do that’s too bad .
      Thank You for Your Service

    2. @Ray Lars Thank you for the thank you sir/maam. And yes, veteran support for Mr. Trump is above his approval rating. That’s a shame though. He has cut funding for mental health, said Traumatic Brain Injuries are “just headaches”, lambasted Gold Star families, disrespected some of our finest Generals, refused to pay respects at a military graveyard in France because of the rain, and has taken “days off” when remains of fallen soldiers fly into Dover Air Force Base. There’s more, but those are the highlights. Actually one more…fighting to take away American status for children born abroad when their parent was stationed overseas.

  2. I’m sure firing a lifetime FBI agent days before his retirement has had a chilling effect on the FBI agency and morale.

    1. Toxic Grunt or they don’t have television and didn’t watch the hearings on TV where the judge told him he was a disgrace to the office and needed to be in jail.

    2. @J Groovy Do you know who Carter Page is and what he was doing? Do you know he was a CIA asset and that the FBI altered or didn’t correctly categorize him as such? What has CNN told you he was doing to deserve a fake FISA warrant? And do you know that was only one of seventeen FISA court lies told by the FBI in order to spy on him?

    3. @Andrea Ummm, the “exoneration” doesn’t reverse him being fired. He got what he deserved. He was a partisan hack. He gets no retirement benefits. But CNN is paying him, so it’s all good.

    1. @Ralph Boyd Ralph what is a like being affiliated with the party pf cross dressers, Feminism and LGBTQ?? juss curious

    2. @First Last: Use your words clown, I’m not searching different comments. to respond to the likes of you….summarize idiot.

    3. Tiber Zeek – Who are all of these Democrats who lied to Congress and investigators that merit prosecution? Witch hunts? Like looking into Bill Clinton’s past land deals in Arkansas, finding nothing, and still going after him for lying about marital infidelity? 9 Benghazi hearings where the premise was never made clear? Trump’s voter fraud commission? Having Ukraine look into actions Joe Biden took as VP that were backed by everyone, including the Republicans? Having Ukraine look into THEIR OWN supposed meddling in 2016, a Russian conspiracy theory that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?

      Or are you referring to the Russia “witch hunt”, where 16 Trump associates lied about 140 Russian contacts, where Trump PUBLICLY ASKED the Russians to meddle in our election and it turned out they did just that, and where Trump’s top people met with surrogates of the Russian government to trade illegally obtained dirt for sanction relief? Yeah, how dare the FBI and the American people get suspicious and want answers for that! Especially when it would turn out that Trump was also lying about a real estate deal in Moscow while he knew the Russians were attacking our systems! And no, not suspicious at all that Trump subsequently sided with Russians over the CIA, and refuses to do anything to safeguard or elections!

  3. The wannabe diktator trying to intimidate those who want the rule of law. How many of these farce investigations has this madman now have been exonerated? trumps behavior is abhorrant he needs to be removed the sooner the better.

  4. Hearing someone speak with civility is so unusual and refreshing I barely even care about what’s being said.

    1. @D Tschuor thats right. That IS all it is. People who are angry and need an outlet. Like Hillary said, the deplorables.

    2. Rodney Boehner Hillary Clinton help Trump cover-up his role in Vince Foster’s STAGED ‘suicide’. We don’t give 3 craps about Hillary, who had an obligation to insist Bill Clinton cut off Trump & Ghislaine Maxwell fully or she goes. Vince Foster knew what Trump’s role in Lady Di’s death was, and that he used Ghislaine Maxwell to entrap Prince Andrew to extort silence from the Royal Family over Trump’s role in Lady Di’s death.
      So no, we couldn’t give 3 craps about fellow Charles Kushner inner sanctum slime Hillary Clinton nor her WORST AMERICAN YET BORN DONALD TRUMP criminal crony.

    3. @Rodney Boehner We do, but then we saw a miscarriage of justice and abuse of Presidential power from her opponent. Despite our personal animosity towards them for their past actions, we didn’t like the corrupt way their reputations were being tarnished by the fat orange bully and decided that misguided actions toward Hillary don’t equate to being the brunt of Trump’s corrupt smear campaign.

      It’s more like dinosaurs protecting other dinosaurs too stupid to fear the asteroid Thankfully, later this year: we’re voting the asteroid out of office.

    4. Shawn Johnson You know it…Roy Cohn tactics came from decades of defending Mafioso in court, by whatever means. Trump arrived fully devoid of morals & ethics.
      Barr knew this at the outset, as do they all.
      Show them the money and nude kids is the Trumpliklan Nazikkk Zionist cabal here…Theft of Palestine and Ukraine. In plain sight.

  5. Basically like any other sort of GOP investigation turns up. A whole lot of nothingburger. Time to purge the House and Senate of Republicans.

  6. I haven’t trusted Barr ever since he said he reviewed the Epstein prison tapes and said there was no sign of foul play. Yet supposedly, those tapes don’t even exist. Someone has some dirt on Barr, me thinks.

    1. Barr’s father was the one who groomed Epstein into pedophilia.

      Barr also helped Reagan/Nixon bury the the Boystown pedophile ring investigation, where Reagan used to run underaged male prostitutes out of the Whitehouse. Children also used as drug mules.

      They had a blackmail ring that trapped high profile pedophiles for Intel purposes.

      He was also part of Iran Contra.

      Guy is, pretty much, the better call Saul of the US political establishment.

    2. @Cathy Baggott Like I said, the shady circumstances indicate that it wasn’t just negligence on Barr’s part, but a deliberate act to allow Epstein to escape justice and avoid testimony. Pedophiles often commit suicide rather than face exposure, which is why they’re usually kept on suicide watch.
      They’re also vulnerable to other prisoners. The point is that Barr is responsible.

  7. Wow . . . I’m disappointed in Donald’s DOJ (Department of Jump). Honest Don is going to have to fix this on twitter. When the Commander in Crazy speaks people must jump!

    Oh . . . I finally figured out how to tell when Donald is lying . . . WHEN HE OPENS HIS MOUTH. I’m a Canadian from Montreal and I’m saddened to what’s happened to my friends to the south.

    1. @Mat Jasniewski Good job with the name, Mat. I really hope you guys get rid of this stain on your country in Nov. Good Luck!

    2. @DonMcWild We are doing our best, Brother. Strange days, indeed…
      Yeah, I chose “Honest Don” as a unifying label; a way to simultaneously slam his dishonesty while also giving his blindly-loyal legion a name they could adopt..

    1. @Jack Jacobi Can’t defend the Current so lets attack the past AGAIN. Weak attempt at covering for tRump and Crew…..

    2. Nah, the Grand Jury declined the prosecution’s attempts to bring charges against McCabe. Barr tried his best to send him to jail. He has no shame.

    3. @William Burgess It’s common knowledge who MSM works for.

      I bet millions of Americans were shocked at how much Mr T has done for the country after watching the address to the nation, that MSM never reports on. I watched the lies and misinformation they reported after the trial relying on their minions never to fact check.

  8. The orange cockroach must be removed in handcuffs and thrown into prison!
    This POS is an example of everything we do not want our sons and daughters to emulate…ever.

  9. The 52 senators who ran away into the dark will forever have their name next to Trump and we will never forget .God bless America , the real America .

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