DOJ Seizing Phone Records 'Reeks Of Being A Fishing Expedition’ 1

DOJ Seizing Phone Records ‘Reeks Of Being A Fishing Expedition’


Former senior official at DOJ Andrew Weissmann and former acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal express their alarm over the new reports that the Trump Justice Department seized the phone records of Democratic lawmakers.

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    1. @Ivanka dated Quincy Jones ..Who Knows” .?? .He is the puppet master of Senile Joe Biden . Edward Snowden exposed Obama ..This is all old news ..and NOW ..they found Obama Administration SPIED on ALLEYS ..GERMANY //FRANCE .. all on the youtube .. Common knowledge .

    2. @Nancy Ross I think we know who did it – Barr brought in a prosecutor just for this task. I forget his name, but if you look it up you’ll be able to find out exactly who did them a favour.

    3. @Happy Times who’s they? What channels on YouTube? Have these channels been around longer than a month or were they created at the same time as yours?

  1. These republicans and law men are no different then the Russian Olympic team that doped up to win.

  2. Makes Kamala Harris’s questioning of Barr in front of the Senate in 2019 all the more interesting now!

  3. The Orange Pumpkin and his administration exploited the rules for all Four Years of his presidency and it will be befitting to see him get the Prison Bed left vacant on 14 April 2021 when Bernie Madoff passed away.

  4. This is where bar uses the famous, depends on your definition of what is, is, strategy. He hasn’t done it very well. Yet I think he’ll get a lot of practice in the near future so we hope.

  5. problem is when the lawMAKERS are the ones VOTING on culpability, they all play the game of seeing what they can get away with because they know they’ll create a way out if possible.

  6. The only reason l voted for Biden/Harris is to hope for justice for all and no one is above the law
    l hope the new DOJ is at work

  7. He has some nerve calling someone else a traitor.and this proves that when someone keeps accusing another of something over and over it’s usually because they are doing the activity themselves.

  8. We know that they were corrupt and committed crimes, the question is what does the new AG do about it now to prevent this from happening again.

    1. Based on long history of American politics…. I’m going to guess – “nothing” – you know like the investigation of an insurrection.

    2. Absolutely! Civics education shows only Congress can present new and actual laws against what was ‘political norms’ constitutionally. Ffs THAT needs to be foremost WITH voting. 2022 wb her soon enough

    1. Have to show true strength against “strong men”. The ppl in Hong Kong protest, and Myanmar show more strength of character and principles than U.S is demonstrating in the DOJ

  9. They expect people to pass things of as bogus or that the person is crazy. That’s why they do multiple things off the wall.
    In front of your face is the best way to hide anything.

  10. I’ve always said when trump makes an accusation’s actually something he’s done, is doing, or about to do. He’s so predictable

    1. @That Lady The truth about donald will be coming out in the next few years and you’ll learn how much of a traitor he is, to his friends, family and country, the people that protected the fake president are starting to go down, so my guess is you’re going to find out it’s actually people like you that will be finding out you weren’t being very smart so get your name calling in now, while you still have the chance. You still think trump’s fighting so hard bc he wants to serve his country?

    2. @That Lady get your head out of Donald tromps behind and learn to do your own research. You ONLY listen to the LIER who has LIED his entire miserable life.

    3. @HA BBO you are trying to persuade a person that is dumber than the trumps… to research something?

    4. @HA BBO msnbc is not knowledge its propaganda and yes msnbc has confirmed and deemed themselves a source of entertainment and not a viable source for news. Remember when Maddow cried over the BS Russian conspiracy? Oh I do
      How about the Ukraine and President Biden and his crackhead son? Crickets

  11. “The response of going to the IG’s is going to take years.” Maybe that’s the plan.

  12. Funny how the guy always crying about “fishing expeditions” directed toward him ordered multiple fishing expeditions against his opponents.

    1. “They were spying on me!” “No, the FEDS were rightfully looking into you, having been tipped off by foreign allies. Dems weren’t spying on you; you were spying on THEM.”

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