Dolly Parton declines Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination | USA TODAY

Dolly Parton declines Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination | USA TODAY 1


  1. And STILL Pat Benatar is not in the Rock Hall of Fame? That’s insane and so unjust! Meanwhile so many crap bands and non rock bands that are voted in.

    1. gizzy: I totally agree with you. The Hall is such a joke and perhaps she recognizes that, too. The Carpenters, Miles Davis, Herb Alpert, etc. in the ROCK and Roll Hall of Fame??

    2. as far as the “non-rock” acts….does that also mean you don’t support the past inductions of r&b soul artists like stevie wonder, marvin gaye, sam cooke and otis redding? not exactly rock either….or how exactly do you define rock?

    1. I totally agree. I wouldn’t go there if I had free tickets. It’s called Rock Hall of Fame… Not the music hall of fame

  2. No doubt she felt insulted and rightfully so. She’s a country music legend and that’s how she wants to be honored, not as a rockstar.

    1. Did you really just say you think she felt insulted because the rock and roll hall of fame wanted to induct her?

    2. @meh mayelle well not publicly, of course not, she is Dolly. she always acts graceful with others. but surely she thought it was insulting.

  3. Not sure who came up with this but as much as Dolly is a remarkable, talented human being her roots aren’t in rock and roll.

  4. Clearly she is a country artist not a rock and roller. Her reason for declining was classic. Whoever is in charge of deciding who gets in should pay attention to her.

  5. Dolly, your music and songs have had a profound influence on rock. You sing with Linda Ronstadt for goodness sake. If you want to do a rock album I’ll waiting impatiently!

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