Dolly Parton now says she’d accept Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction | USA TODAY

The country music icon says she’ll accept a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction since it is voted on by fans.

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In March, Parton asked the Hall to withdraw her name from the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot, saying "I don't feel that I have earned the right."

She shared the change of heart in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition, saying "when I said that, it was always my belief that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was for the people in rock music… So I just felt like that I would be taking away from someone that maybe deserved it – certainly more than me because I never considered myself a rock artist. But obviously there’s more to it than that.”

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  1. Congratulations to Ms.Parton!!! I have always considered her to be someone who spans all types of music and attracts all types of fàns,as I am someone who enjoys all types ò of music and all types of performers. I do hope that it Ms. Parton will decide to accept the many awards that are offered to her. I believe that as multi-talented as she is there may be even some people who consider themselves classical music buffs who also enjoy her music.Dolly Parton is not someone who can be placed in just one niche. At least I believe that to be tŕuè!!!!

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