Domestic vaccine production key to fighting virus says Canadian infectious disease expert


  1. Why not domestic made pharmaceuticals? Like Barry Sherman’s company Apotex’s generic hydroxychloroquine? Ask him why not.

  2. EU,WHO have a new variant for every day of the week now its a Brazilian version Microsoft update covid 3.0 .

    1. It took the most powerful super computer network ever created to model it so yeah. It wasn’t a minor feat. How many illnesses have they been working on for decades? It’s incredible they have vaccines this early.

  3. They have screwed up as they did not think of this a year ago, total incompetence and I did vote Liberal 4 times before, not anymore.

  4. No, duh! We should have been onto this ages ago as far back as 1918! So long as we kept that pandemic prevention program in place, we wouldn’t have even had a pandemic on our hands starting late-2019!

    1. They didn’t give any of those billions to the Canadian pharma. It was all given to foreign companies. The Canadian companies asked for funding, told the govt they could produce vaccines, but were essentially ignored.

  5. Does anyone bother to look at the numbers in Britain and South Africa where these “scary” variants have come from? Their numbers have been declining for weeks now lol.

  6. 2 shots of the vax does nothing to stop this nonsense, it was going to be a logistics nightmare to begin with, time to make up excuses with variants and other nonsense.

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