Don Lemon: There Were Times When People Said I Wouldn’t Make It | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Congratulations sir, you are an example and an inspiration of pursuing your dreams. Much success and love too you

  2. Never think about the naysayers. They’re usually short sites and without credibility. Just do the work and your integrity and ethical standards will speak for you. Good success and God bless.

    1. So true, Rose.
      I’ve learned in life that naysayer are just people who know that THEY THEMSELVES will never succeed!
      They can’t deal with other people, especially family members will move on and do well in life, leaving all of those unmotivated naysayers sitting on their sofas, doing NOTHING in their own lives.

      I know this personally! I had many “family members” try to hold me back with their negative BS because THEY didn’t believe that I could achieve my “lofty” desires in life.

      I left the entire bunch of them, moved FARRRRR away and succeeded in life, making a wonderful life for myself and my husband. My husband didn’t have that kind of family, fortunately. In his case, when he wanted to leave his country to immigrate here and make a better life, they all supported him and cheered him on.

      Naysayers are, sadly, just losers.

  3. Congrats on the BEST SELLER LIST! Don. Way to go!!!! that is so wonderful. What a blessing. Now we want to see the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

  4. Don looks great. He is the only reason I go to CNN. Not because I don’t like CNN. I go to Don because I need to share my sorrow or anger with his sorrow or anger. 💕😷

    1. Why do you people love “sorrow” and “anger” soo much? It’s all you present and focus on. What does Don Lemon know about racism? How could his book reach #1? OH I KNOW!!! The numbers are phony just like all of CNN. Sorry but no one is lining up to read about racism…. Same thing happened with Jim Acosta and his book. They said he was #1 or #2 on the best sellers list when in reality he didn’t sell barely any…..

  5. I love when people tell me it will not gonna work. Always when they say this things end up better than I would even imagine.

  6. You can usually tell the straight shooters from the hypesters; Don is firmly in the straight shooters camp. Don, don’t change now; even people like me that can only watch intermittently know that you’re on the right side of things.

    1. @Katherine Raven don lemon said white men were the most dangerous people in america but goes down on a white man daily

  7. So precious to see all the love that Don is getting….makes me proud…he deserves it! Congrats!

  8. Watching Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo chat every night is one things my wife and I look forward to every night. The “l love you brother” always makes me feel good.

    1. @tommy john john It’s totally those who can appreciate the smaller details that live the most fulfilling lives. It’s contagious and positive. It’s a much worse life when we lose sight of how appreciating the simple display of genuine human fellowship is right there with the need to breath air, drink water and eat. Just sayin

  9. I’m playing on the big stage, you’re cheering from the nose bleeds… well done Mr. Lemon!

  10. Thought he was a goof ball till I saw him be interviewed think it was on Colbert. He was brilliant

  11. This is one episode I’d be proud for my son to watch. Mr. Lemon is a great inspiration and an example of hard won success.

  12. I watch his show because he listens to his guest and he allows his guest to speak which is the way it should be .

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