Donald and Melania Trump Speech: Wilmington, NC 11/5/2016

Donald and Melania Trump Speech: Wilmington, NC 11/5/2016

Melania Trump delivers a speech followed by Donald Trump speech at a Donald Trump rally in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 5, 2016.


  1. Awesome Donald and Melania Trump partnership Bring class back to The
    Whitehouse, Freedom and Democracy, God back into “The Whitehouse and The
    Pentagon” Make America Great Again

    1. Brings a damn tear to my eye, this is it folks, never a more important
      election in these United States of America

  2. She’s classy and not a racist, hate spewing, ignorant, spiteful bore like
    Obama’s wife life partner.

  3. LOVE YOU Donald and Melania Trump… Drain that Swamp… “Power to the
    American People” Such good news just learnt Trey Dowdy will become The next
    Governor General Amen to that… put all these corrupt demons in jail…
    and throw away the keys… especially hitlery and billy gump hilton.

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