Donald Trump Impeached For A Second Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Donald Trump Impeached For A Second Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The House impeached President Donald Trump on Wednesday for a second time, charging him with 'incitement of insurrection' for his role in the violent riot by a pro-Trump mob in the U.S. Capitol. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 1/14/2021.
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Donald Trump Impeached For A Second Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “But but, we need a businessman and not a politician for President!”

    *Proceeds to vote for the notoriously worst businessman in history.*

    1. @Real M Literally a lie, you live in one of the most corrupt countries to ever exist. Worse than Rome ever was, Every single thing you are told by the government is a heavily veiled lie. It took them 200 years to do what rome did in 2000 years. Collapse.

    2. @tremec6 Even democrats voted against the impeachment. Even with the best case scenario it still isn’t enough. Also you can’t impeach someone who isn’t’ president. Have fun trying to push that through in less than a week.

    3. @Siren
      Americans know one thing. The MAGA cult has lost ALL their privileges that come with being a US citizen. When you attack the very country that is providing you with all those rights, freedom of speech and so, you ALL have forfeited ALL your rights.

      Americans need to discuss what to do with your terrorist cult before you harm America further. We get back to you soon.

    1. there was only one way to put an end to Nazism and that was not with talking but with deeds and I don’t see that happening in the usa too much to wait and see … we did that in Europe until it was too late, as I do see ,is it too late this proliferated as cancer and spread very quickly…..You could throw it on land treason in trial I believe that there is a death penalty on it. All names of Trump should be gone nowhere. son and daughter banned images from capitol attac away trump’s etc etc, but what i say i see that is not happening, it is over with the world ww3 is coming in this theater….haleluja…

    2. Always has been which is why not only didn’t he belong in our White House, he doesn’t belong I. Our country.

    3. Which….. side ……is …..inciting …… violence?!?
      1 just ….don’t…. know … why there…. aren’t … uprisings ….allz ….over …the country, …..maybe ..,.. there will be – pelosi…
      2 People….. need … …..start ….taking to the….. streets… this …is a …..dictator – msnbc
      3 There …..needz…. 2 …. be ….unrest…. in the streets as long as there’s unrest in our lives -msnbccc
      4Tell me who said protester supposed to be polite and peaceful – cnnnn
      5They are still gonna have to go out and put бuллет in Donald trump. -msnbccc
      6I have thought an awful lot about блоwіngup the White House- Madonna
      7When is the last time an actor асасinateд a president? -Johnny Depp
      8And if you see anybody from the cabinet in a restaurant and a department store I gasoline station you get out and you create a crowd you push back on them – maxine Waters
      9We’re going to go and impeach the motherfkr- rashida talib (before Ukraine)
      10They aren’t going to stop after election day November and they shouldn’t stop- kamal Harris

    1. @Kevin I mean it was a pretty well covered lol. Democrats are literally racist white modern day slave owners, the democrats ties go all the way back to the confederacy. You are literally pandering to the slave owners.

    2. @Siren that is a completely dumb statement. Yes democrats and Republicans parties were in opposite sides than now. 150 years ago. Then the populist party absorbed them in 1898. They were afraid because blacks were gaining political ground. Do some history research before saying ignorant stuff.Things change bub. No Democrat owns slves. They are more focused on civil rights than ever before and critizised for it by the radical right. Cause apparently some things don’t change. Like racism. Only difference is where it comes from it’s up to you to see through the lies and rhetoric and see things how They really are.

    3. @Kevin Lol The Welfare state does more to keep minorities in poverty than anything ever, Welfare pushed by the democrats. Why would you want a group of people to succeed when you can force them into low income/ low skill jobs with drugs and wage slaving. You’re delusional bro, nothing is changed they just sugar coated it so idiots like you think its acceptable.

    1. @Al Albatross He has been found guilty and impeached – twice. The trial would merely decide his punishment.

    1. Had it not be for the treasonous enabling GOP, this corrupt criminal orange traitor would have been impeached a minimum of 50 times for all s**t that he has done during these 4 years.

    2. The great brainwash, where a corporate owned media tells you what to think.
      Surreal and Bizarre.
      Just hit the yes button or theres a 50% chance you will be deleted.

    1. @B Monroe He tends to regret nothing as he is psychotic. He should regret it, but he is unable to experience those kinds of emotions.

    2. @jacq danieles Let’s be honest. If he had just asked people to wear masks, did it himself, and listened to medical professionals, he would’ve won.

    1. EXACTLY, Mr. Leveille !!!! Because I don’t believe trump would EVER give up on $52 BILLION from a deal involving PUTIN.

    2. Trump needs to be brought to trial for Treason and convicted so the next potential Russian agent will have the fear of punishment before becoming a Traitor.

  2. He has no moral compass, no compassion, no empathy, no off switch. It’s deeply depressing and disturbing how many people think his behaviour is acceptable. How gullible who got sucked into his toxic vortex.

    1. @Damian Leah Which is why you are still sane! I only do YouTube, and I’m thinking about getting off the stuff. Social media can be pretty addictive and destructive.

  3. This is what we get when a political party thinks the Constitution is second and their “team” must have domination.

  4. Mitch McConnell should now be impeached for his obstruction of justice, regarding the first impeachment and the blocking of witnesses in the Kavanaugh hearing.

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