Donald Trump Interview: O’Reilly Factor 9/1/16

Donald Trump Interview: O'Reilly Factor 9/1/16 1


Donald Trump Interview: O'Reilly Factor 9/1/16

Fox News – The O'Reilly Factor – Donald Trump Interview – September 1, 2016

12 Comments on "Donald Trump Interview: O’Reilly Factor 9/1/16"

  1. Trump is sooooo much better then the hag Killery Rotten Clinton. Trump made
    very good points during the press conference with the Mexican president.

    • Hitlery Crooked Clinton is the co-founder of ISIS. Muslim Obama is the
      founding FATHER of ISIS. HE FOUNDED ISIS!!

  2. Yes, we’ll put heavy toll booths for trucks entering the country from
    Mexico manufacturing, I’d say 20,000 bucks a trailer will do it, and 60,000
    bucks a rail carrier ? As far as illegal immigrants, they should have 6
    months to apply and if not, on the seventh month pick them up and fly them
    out !

    • No need, just charge the same 35% tariff for goods coming in from Mexico as
      they charge for goods coming from the US. That alone will pay for the wall.

  3. Goldtop `54 blues | September 1, 2016 at 9:40 PM | Reply

    Stop the government welfare, the cost of court and jails, using hospital
    emergency rooms without any insurance, sending millions earned under the
    table to Mexico, yeah, that`s enough to pay for a wall, and I did not even
    scratch the surface

  4. God bless “PRESIDENT TRUMP” and Rudy

  5. Mexico isnt paying for no wall. this guys lost his mind they would slow
    walk him make every excuse in the book. Plus they already told him. he will
    say whatever the people in front of him want to hear.

  6. Please all Vote Trump supporters!!!! Your vote counts!!!!!

  7. What the hell happened to Fox News?

  8. After listening to Don in Phoenix,
    I realized that the wall just got 10 feet taller.
    Mexico WILL pay for the wall.

  9. Send Hillary to Her friends in Saudi with her lesbian girlfriend,God bless
    America. Both of them will loose their heads there. 

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