Donald Trump Meets with Female Democrat Tulsi Gabbard 11/21/16

Donald Trump Meets with Female Democrat Tulsi Gabbard 11/21/16

President Donald Trump meets privately with Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard who was a outspoken critic of Hillary Clinton and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Donald Trump News – November 21, 2016


  1. Can you imagine CNN talking like this and spinning the story this way if it
    were President-Elect Clinton?? It would NEVER happen. They are dishonest,
    biased and discredited. They are ALREADY done – just the inevitable decline
    to nothingness and irrelevancy.

  2. The USA doesn’t need Mitt Romney the king of mergers and acquistions as
    Secretary of State. That’s contrary to his message of bringing
    manufacturing back to the USA. Mitt Romney could never be a part of that.

    Donald’s not up on everything the rest of us are.

    I am glad he met with Tulsi Gabbard. That’s open minded.

    Not sure why the conflict of interest is coming up with Trump, when the
    Clintons were the leaders in that with their Foundation donations.

  3. tulsi gabbard would be a great choice for anything. she had the guts to
    speak up in support of vets not getting required medical care, and opposing

  4. Sure , know we don’t want to waterboard, we jus want our enemies , such as
    radical Islam , to burn us alive in a cage, or cut off our heads , how our
    women and child watching the horrifying act , how they our being rape by
    our enemies in the process.
    Sure ,I guess that makes sense to senator John McCain .
    Yes he was a prisoner of war , but pilots don’t get skin alive at the time
    of the Vetnam war , but American soldiers under the rank of Pilot Senator
    John McCain as a Vetnam prisoner, soldiers like him ,especially pilots get
    very good special treatment as a Vetnam prisoner.
    And the treatment of soldier under rank of a pilot, get skin alive , same
    thing as burn alive , a horrifying death .
    I’ve been skin alive ,and by the grace of God I lived , but it felt like if
    I was burn a live , the pain was so bad , that you wish someone would shoot
    you , like people felt when they decided to jump out of the burning of the
    Twin Towers on 911 .
    So waterboarding is a cake walk , compared to for what our enemies, such
    enemies as radical Islamic terrorists has in store for most people of our
    nation of the United States of America.
    I’m sorry senator John McCain, I voted for you when you ran for President
    of the United States of America, I’m in shock , I can’t believe you would
    even go there , what are you afraid of, you might speak like a senator, but
    I’m sorry that you are not thinking like a soldier or a Military pilot that
    knows good and well that our enemies such as radical Islamic terrorist has
    any thought of being nice to our soldiers if capture by such enemies ,
    especially our American Pilots if captured by radical Islamic terrorist.
    Senator John McCain, did you forget what radical Islamic terrorist did to
    the capture Turkish Pilot, that’s right , in front of the whole world to
    see the Turkish Pilot burned alive in a cage, he was first soak in
    gasoline, the sat on fire alive , the people of America seen it ,and the
    whole world did also , it’s still in my mind , and I will not forget, and I
    will not let these terrorist come to our country and try and do these act
    of nothing more than complete hate .
    Sorry ,senator John McCain, you need to recess your train of thought ,
    because I surely disagree with you , and I’m sure I can’t be the only
    American that disagree also with your way of thinking , in the process of
    our way of interrogating , for trying to get information out of radical
    Islamic terrorist.
    You a softy Senator John McCain, and I can’t believe I voted for you ,when
    you ran for President, shame on me , but I won’t vote for you again.
    Please, President Trump, don’t listen to senator John McCain, I think if I
    didn’t know better, I think he supports the enemies side.
    My story is long , but I really don’t care ,because the Senator has me very
    disappointed at the moment.

  5. he just wont engage with you hoax media channels..
    you guy’s will have to get your story’s from twitter or infowars. its your
    own fault for lying about trump

  6. Tulsi Gabbard is a real patriot a woman of real principle and courage. She
    stepped down from the DNC to endorse Sanders even though she was told it
    was career suicide and she refused to endorse Clinton because of her war
    mongering and foreign policy. Shes a vet who served in Iraq and is now a
    fierce opposer of war regime change and interventionist foreign policy. She
    has great judgement and common sense.

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