Donald Trump Picks Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador 11/23/16

Donald Trump Picks Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador 11/23/16

Donald Trump has picked Governor Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the U.N.

Donald Trump News – November 23, 2016


    1. +Erin S. He quit his job when he accomplished his goals, and to be a
      diplomat, I believe that you don’t need US citizenship to be a Diplomat.
      You just have to pass the State department requirements. Which can be
      fulfilled even where he is currently at.

  1. CNN- “Let’s dig ourselves a deeper hole….it’s a good thing!”
    Good luck with that-fake news central!!!!

    1. +klondike99 agreed. CNN is not a “news” channel at all. It is primarily a
      venue for (mostly liberal) “journalists” to voice their opinions about
      current events. There’s very little real news content.

    2. They may be using CNN’s own pieces like someone offering the rope to a
      criminal so he may hang himself. It’s difficult for the American people to
      be shown the disingenuousness of CNN when no one watches it anymore unless
      of course they are in the mood for fairy tales.

  2. What is with the white male crack……this is why CNN is not going to be
    airing much longer if you don’t stop with the little bias remarks….yes I
    agree if World News Daily insist on using CNN I will have to drop them from
    my line up…….

  3. Swamp monsters. Lifeboats are in the swamp! No drainage needed now! He won!
    Now he can finally tell the truth about further destruction of us, he must
    have land in other countries too!

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