Donald Trump Protests Across America After Winning Election 11/9/16

Donald Trump Protests Across America After Winning Election 11/9/16 1


Donald Trump Protests Across America After Winning Election 11/9/16

Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election by a large margin of delegates and even Obama and Hillary Clinton gave a speech today calmly saying we need to unite behind Donald Trump and support him as the new President of The United States. Donald Trump himself has reached out to all Americans with positive, uplifting words of wanting to make America safe and strong, with Good Education empowered at the local level with choices, Safe Neighborhoods, more jobs and wealth for the vast majority of Americans, to stop the loose ethics and corruption of Washington D.C. politicians, by leveling with the people about the reality of what is going on, simply enforcing laws that have nothing to do with actual race, by allowing indivdual states to keep more power, to stop pretending like money and debt isn't real, to take care of the countries financial responsibilities and not be so loose about it like President Obama and previous presidents as well, etc.

Donald Trump Protests in Cities Across America – November 9, 2016.

74 Comments on "Donald Trump Protests Across America After Winning Election 11/9/16"

  1. Goldtop `54 blues | November 9, 2016 at 9:55 PM | Reply

    Products of communist college professors

  2. They should deport these protesters to china

  3. These fucking millennial s have got to go! They are the biggest problem
    North America faces. Stupid SJW assholes

    • Kendra K you make no sense

    • Floating Left Nut | November 10, 2016 at 1:22 AM | Reply

      Kendra K The only gap you seem to be able to bridge is the one between
      absolute idiocy to supreme stupidity.

    • This is not half America, you CNN idiots

    • Bobbie. SJW’s get to deal with the rape epidemic when the Democrats get
      back in power — and they will, because history has proven – and they will
      open up the borders. SJW’s get to watch as they personally get subjected to
      the NWO. By the time they realize and start to protest in the streets they
      will finally know what we have fought in this election They will know why
      Millions of us have elected Trump because we know the danger we are all in.
      We have staved it all off for a time, but the NWO has their agenda, and
      short of Alien Invasion, or Nuclear War, I doubt they are going to stop in
      their crusade to take over the world. They are so mental – they want
      Michelle Obama to run as first woman president lol

    • святая корова | November 10, 2016 at 6:55 PM | Reply

      Never Mind because they have been brainwashed by the education system. I
      know some really great young adults who are products of that system and
      it’s hard for them to break their conditioning.

  4. Are they yelling “We want pedos”?

    • Kerry Burba

    • Kerry Burba like Bill Clinton they hate getting pubic hairs in the mouth so
      a little Lolita is mighty preferred.

    • Kerry it sure sound like that. This moring on the radio, one special snow
      flake was quoted as saying ” I cried all night, but then I realized I have
      to give up, I cant change this”. XDDDDD I laugh at their tears. They have
      no clue what they were saved from.

  5. These morons are yelling black lives matter. Time to neutralize

  6. No matter how much these people protest President Trump is not go anywhere.
    Go home people! What the heck do you think you are teaching your children?

    • I also live in Texas and am in Austin where students peacefully protested
      yesterday with police protection for five hours because we all live in
      America and have that right. I agree we need to reconcile our differences
      but it’s going to take some time considering how badly respectable
      President Obama was treated from the day he took office. One of the most
      important issues these young folks are voicing an opinion about it our
      environment and Trump’s plans for doing away with the EPA and funding. This
      is the only world we all have to survive in and protecting it is the utmost
      important issue we have to contend with.

    • Anna do you hear yourself ? Trump is not shipping people out, he is
      stopping Illegals from coming in. He wants to stop the Islamic threat we
      are seeing in Germany, netherlands, France, finland, the list goes on. “how
      badly disrespected obama was”. Seriously ? We voted in a black president.
      America is not racist. Time after time we have people of color in power
      positions. So that is a bald faced lie. Trump never said he is doing away
      with the EPA. Learn to Listen to what he says and stop buying what the news
      reports. The same news that cuts people off when they start speaking the
      truth and “lose satillite connection”. The Olilgarchy of Obama and Clintoon
      is over. That is what the democrats do not get.

    • святая корова | November 10, 2016 at 6:35 PM | Reply

      Anna Mullins he is not going to do away with the EPA. he’s going to invest
      in renewable energies as well as what we’ve always used.

      the science is not clear on global warming. There’s a lot of evidence that
      CO2 is not the main contributing factor to climate change.

      many scientists are doing research that shows other factors are responsible
      and that the data are even being manipulated by people who have a vested
      interest in making people believe the world is getting warmer.

      also, there is a very small group of people who have set themselves up to
      collect carbon taxes and who will get rich literally becoming new kings and
      queens on the carbon taxes that everyone will pay Simply for being alive
      and using things. I am not willing to give money to a group of
      self-appointed Wizards because I’m using products and services especially
      when the money I give them will not make the world any cooler.

    • святая корова | November 10, 2016 at 6:40 PM | Reply

      Anna Mullins I voted for Obama twice because I understood right away that
      911 was treason and I could not stand to vote for another Republican.

      but what did I get with Obama? I got a lot of psychological operations and
      fake mass shootings designed to scare people into giving up firearms.
      Obama’s administration orchestrated these psychological operations and
      terrorized a whole new generation of Americans you don’t even really know
      what has happened to them yet.

      many of the mass shootings you have seen over the last 8 years have been
      completely false and designed to scare you. that’s not honorable. Obama is
      not honorable not even a little.

  7. Andrea Johnson | November 9, 2016 at 10:02 PM | Reply

    the voters have spoken. Obama and Clinton need to get their minions under

    • ONLY
      because of rigged voting machines, Maryland Governor allowing 60,000 felons
      to vote, and Obama encouraging ILLEGALS to vote in our country’s election!
      She didn’t win anything legitimately. She went out true to form a
      and young people indoctrinated into Marxism are upset they won’t get to be
      slaves to the elites. IDIOTS!

    • SD619. No Clintoon did NOT have the popular vote. If you actually look at
      the numbers, Trump had more of the public vote than clintoon did. They
      showed it on your precious Clintoon News Network and he was ahead of
      Killary in votes by 34,000, 56,000 and in some places as much as 200,000.
      Grab a clue and go look at the actual numbers of each state. Clintoon did
      not win the popular vote. And stop listening to the lying Nazi regime we
      call American Media.

    • +SD619 “she won the popular vote”
      Popular vote numbers:
      Yesterday: Clinton 47.67%, Trump 47.65%
      Today: Clinton 47.7%, 47.5% (Michigan is still counting)
      Not much of a win.

    • She cheated in many ways. That woman couldn’t win anything if she did it
      honestly. I really wish people would learn the truth. AND, I hope the ones
      that said they would move, DO IT!

    • Well, people need SOMEONE to blame for the tanking economy. : / Too bad
      they don’t blame the source.

  8. too frickin bad, you babies. You lost now live with it.

    • +woooo401 You’re showing the character of your kind. It really is a sad
      display of neo liberalism

    • What woooo said should be reported to YouTube. Have the comment removed and
      put a strike against his account. Off to the right of his comment, you can
      click those little dots. Report spam or abuse / hate speech

    • +Clint R im a girl

    • святая корова | November 10, 2016 at 6:25 PM | Reply

      Roses Bloom are you aware that Russia was about to go to war with us
      because they thought that Clinton was going to be elected?

      the media have completely lied about Trump and if he’s assassinated because
      of that I would say that the media would be accessory to murder

  9. they aren’t going anywhere because they don’t have jobs and are very upset
    by the idea of working for a living… more handouts. boo-hoo. pay your
    own way.

  10. They hurt my President. we will be there

    • Donald J Trump | November 9, 2016 at 10:51 PM | Reply

      Jenny Horbol god bless you and America

    • Donald J Trump. Did you get my message about your Dad and Brother Fred. we
      have the same. And i pray for you.

    • Donald J Trump. i left a number for you to call me. when you rest.
      614-883-1984. I pray i can come to your inauguration ball. that’s ny dream.

    • Aspiring Marauder | November 10, 2016 at 6:27 AM | Reply

      Yes, go ahead and continue the cycle of violence that afflicts your
      country. That’ll work out fantastically, I’m sure.
      Also, I don’t know if you know this, but that’s not the real Donald Trump.
      Trump doesn’t have a YouTube channel.
      That’s a role-player you’re pouring you heart out too.

      You need to stop, and seek psychological help. You’re sounding like a
      zealous Clinton supporter.

    • XD Aspiring lol. It is sometimes amazing how dimwitted people can be lol.
      Jenny Horbol – leaving your phone number for someone to call you on the
      internet ? Thats pretty lonely and desperate

  11. The hell with muslim’s and the hell with with nexicans ,GET OUT OF AMERICA.
    And stay out.

  12. lovelymawithbrains05 | November 9, 2016 at 10:23 PM | Reply

    These protesters should get jobs. Jobs that need honest hard work.

    • Desmond Alleyne | November 9, 2016 at 11:39 PM | Reply

      lovelymawithbrains05 their so stupid, they can’t even see that under an
      Obama / Clinton establishment there isn’t nor will there ever be any jobs
      to get. Secondly the earnings are in the toilet and they will never be able
      to even acquire a mortgage under this regime even if you have a college

  13. the soros puppets are paid for that !!! Democrats are bad losers !

    • Jeannette Johnson | November 9, 2016 at 10:52 PM | Reply

      Democrats politicians are bad criminal element ppl period. They did
      everything they could just to get her elected of the criminal behavior.
      These protesters are products of an administration that blames takes no
      responsibility is not held accountable. This black news journalist resides
      in liberal vile.

  14. Go Home!!! TRUMP is our president!!! Thank God!! If they would only realize
    we are regaining freedoms that we lost with Obama

  15. He said 6 million democrats didint vote for Clinton, as if they had sat at
    home, when in actual fact the majority of that 6 million democrats probably
    voted for trump. They’re still living in cloud coo coo land.

  16. These brats are mad because they didn’t get a participation trophy this

    • Adam Griffin lmmfao!!!!! HAHAHA

    • XDDDD adam Participation trophy lol. My brother is a democrat and he stayed
      home, never registered. I am honestly surprised that special snowflakes are
      freaking out and crying lol. It’s ridiculous !

  17. Dogs, water cannons, tear gas and pepper balls will send them home

    • Dude this is a free country people like them can speak their mind if they

    • You dont understand Ten. Protest becomes riot really fast. It’s fine to
      protest but under the law it’s got to be with a permit and PEACEFUL. If
      they were actually protesting the election they would stop on topic, but if
      you listen … They are not. Democrats are in fact bad losers, and the real
      threat during this election was from the democrat side. not the republican

    • Conception Ordunez | November 10, 2016 at 11:18 AM | Reply

      Bruce willard parents go get ur dumb kids… wheres tha belt!! wheres tha

  18. The protestor are going through the 5 stages of grief in losing. soon they
    will be in acceptance. don’t worry.

    • Scott Gerlach Hmm, not sure. This hasn’t happened before. This will get

    • Actually the irony is they are protesting in states that voted for killery.
      They cant afford gas money so they are staying home. Its so funny. It will

  19. If you don’t like democracy then move to North Korea.

    • Stellar – The end of funding for sanctuary cities is a start. Protests
      becomes riots very fast. Whoopi Goldberg on the view yesterday, actually
      talked about some things that were not even true. Like the tearing apart of
      families that were mexican, or south american and the destruction of Gay
      rights. Trump never said anything like that but the Democrats shut their
      ears off at the first syllable and go into their speel like we see Whoopi
      doing over and over. She is a disgrace and I would be happy to see her
      leave the USA. I really would. That is not racist. That is me saying if she
      cant get her facts straight, then she needs to stop using the stage for her
      own personal agenda and stirring people up with lies. PEACEFUL
      demonstration like we saw in the 60’s, Marches, Gay pride parades etc. Not
      this mess of Special Snowflakes with no reality getting a fair dose of how
      the system works. Not all of us fall into to line because one party has had
      control for a while. The republic is not an Oligarchy.

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