Donald Trump surrenders, is placed under arrest in New York #Shorts

Donald Trump has surrendered to New York authorities at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where he will be processed and later arraigned as the first former president to face criminal prosecution.

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Trump arrived at the DA’s office at 1:23 p.m. EST following a short trip from his Trump Tower residence. He is accompanied by his Secret Service detail, which is expected to be at his side through the process, including his appearance before a judge in the Criminal Courts Building in lower Manhattan.

Trump, who has denied the charges, is expected to enter a not guilty plea in court, according to his lawyers, and then be freed on his own recognizance given the non-violent nature of the charges.

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    1. @TURDITO DE GATO not necessary in this case and not always n for high profile ppl they’ll not cuff them also is aall a bs show. But they said thst wasn’t going tio happen anyway also i think when one surrendered and turn themself in they don’t require it either

    2. Looks like hes taking a walk in the park. Most un arrested looking arrested person ive ever seen in my life

    1. Because Justice is not blind and there are multiple justice systems based on race, wealth and class. 😂

    1. @Justin Smith “more people are standing up for him” what world are you living in? The only ones standing up for him are his supporters, I mean lovers

    2. @2 Mindz did they already say it? He’s booked for sentencing in prison?
      Oh, Donald Trump has told lies before, done other things and have gotten away with it, I would like to see him figure out a new way to get out of this one.

  1. This brings a smile to my face ,however r I won’t be truly happy till I see him behind bars in an orange jumpsuit

  2. He certainly isn’t the only one who committed an “alleged” crime though! Of course they left that part out!

  3. This makes his fan base stronger. I am not sure if he is making all this so his popularity keeps going to the roof. Most videos I see he is getting more support.

  4. Looks like hes taking a walk in the park. Most un arrested looking arrested person ive ever seen in my life

  5. America is falling apart, Americans should defend democracy with arms in their hands and force the authorities to solve their problems, and not spend dollars to support regimes around the world.

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