‘Don’t Listen To Republicans’ On Covid Relief, Says Strategist | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'Don't Listen To Republicans' On Covid Relief, Says Strategist | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Julie Casey the democrats have always tried to reach across the aisle, the republicans have always snubbed that.

    2. @Gage King I personally have no desire to work with the party that encourages BLM/Antifa. Or anyone that aligns with them.

    3. Breaking News: The GOP is rebranding to a more accurate name the CRAZY CONSPIRACIES PARTY OR THE CCP.

    4. @Voix de la raison explains why the Democrats like the chinese. I think you’re getting your parties confused.

  1. They don’t care about the people who are hungry, or dying. It’s sad that the stimulus can’t be passed til the middle of March.

    1. @Marc Forget I would contend only that they are stronger because less likely to be done over because two sides agreed. It doesn’t really matter but I do wonder what donors you are referring to.

    2. @Jo M The Walton family, Jeff Bezos, Oil companies, The Koch brothers just to name a few. They are the ones who rule America in this broken system.

    3. @Marc Forget Yes, I realize we have a plutocracy. And some Dems do swing more to the right than others. Thats why we vote. That’s why I would never have voted for Tulsi because too far right for my likes. I’d prefer more moderate on both sides. The parties have become more extreme on both sides.

    4. @Marc Forget I think we need to get lobbyist out of DC. That’s one area where much corruption happens but they’ve been here since the beginning so I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    5. @Jo M I’d argue we need to get money completely out of politics. We can do this by amending the constitution. You can find more info at wolf-pac.com

    1. @Unbelievable By the way. I forgive you for attempting to hurt and damage me with lies. If you return to God, you’ll find great power…That’s a guarantee.

    1. Breaking News: The GOP is rebranding to a more accurate name the CRAZY CONSPIRACIES PARTY OR THE CCP.

  2. Yesssss, preach the republicans didn’t want Obama to be president anyway, they have a cold-heart, no feelings, no nothing but themselves, that’s why they want trump to be president. Finally the truth coming out everyday. I agree don’t listen. Send out the stimulus if not for adults Help the children they can’t work. Smh

  3. FINALLY, Thank you Thank you. It is what I have been Squawking about for a long time. WHY ARE WE LISTENING TO REPUBLICANS. They brought us this nightmare. They had their shot and they blew it.

    1. So the leftist elite use their leftist media, political cronies, cancel culture, manipulation of social media, lies, cheating, and hypocrisy, to oust a rival. Now, their duped masses and co-conspirators are witnessing their true colors, the depth of their lies, and the massive media cover for their horrible and destructive policies. No plan, bad policies, little energy, devoid of intelligence is the new administration serving themselves using media to cover their pathetic leadership. The liberal left elite is getting to destroy America just like they have city after city – AND massive Biden voter remorse FILLS THE VOID between their supporter’s ears….

    2. @Woke Wokerman So when do your drugs wear off? The American voters just got rid of the lying, cheating hypocrite at the head of the Republican party. And just in the nick of time, too. Unlike Trump, Biden does have plans and policies along with energy and intelligence. And he’s not going to let the Republicans obstruct him.

    3. The Republicans have spread the idea of “every man for himself” so well that people now call it gospel. There is only 1% winning.

  4. Yes the democrats need to use the power early on like right now, as the republicans would do if they had the majority. Also by using the power early on they show the republicans this is the new reality and may very well get MORE bipartisan cooperation moving forward as they show they are willing to make moves if they don’t get republican cooperation.

    1. Republicans have depleted any reservoirs of good will we had stored up. They are a drain and a drag on our gorvernment, and on American society as a whole. They offer no bills, no platform, no ideas, nothing constructive, just lies and spin and voter suppression and working to overthrow democracy. Truly: f***k these people.

    1. @Un Known you do realize plenty of other countries as well as some states withing the United States already have a minimum wage if 15+ correct? Lmao ya they are a sinking ship .. say said country has a minimum wage of 22.00 tgus is a fact a McDonald’s worker and a 20 cent increase per burger 🍔 . Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄 . That being said do u make 7.25 with rent of oh 800-1500 a month ? Highly doubtful

    2. @Un Known 100% 23 an hour if it was to keep up with inflation, if you can’t do the math on that use your magic Google machine until then stfu!!

    3. @Cody RussowYour ignorance is quite amusing. On the contrary I welcome automation. Mechanical efficiency in most cases far exceeds human efficiency. Services and the production of goods should theoretically be cheaper and easier allowing for abundance when the human element is removed. I’m all for it. I am secure in my skilled career and have no fear of being replaced by a machine in my lifetime. I also don’t live in a fantasy world where one believes that someone who puts fries in a bag has a value of $23 an hour. The utopia you believe is right around the corner doesn’t exist. Grow up.

    4. @Cody Russow Also fear is one of the most basic human instincts. It has been programed into us since the beginning of humanity. Your assertion that it is born of stupidity is little more than childish ignorance.

      Also there is not a single state in the USA that has a minimum wage of $15. Washington D.C is the only place that does but I would hope you were smart enough to realize that’s not actually a state. Maybe I give you too much credit.

  5. Act fast sure. If this took any longer youll have all the people that got kicked off unemployment on the street and starving to death. Time to step up and be president

  6. The Democrats just need to pass a bill, with Kamala Harris breaking the tie in the Senate. They don’t need to compromise with Republicans.

    1. It should be recognized that cooperative politics is dead for all practical purposes. Furthermore it is not the Dems responsibility to rehabilitate the GOP after Trump.

    2. @E M. You mean conservatives like Joe Manchin? Manchin wants more narrowly targeted relief, but is amenable or willing to compromise on other points. Manchin opposes $15/hr minimum wage, but that wasn’t going to make it into a reconciliation bill anyway.

      There’s a double handful of actual conservatives in Congress that aren’t in the extremist cult. Maybe there’s openings for them in the conservative faction of the Democratic Party.

    1. 100 people in the capital isnt an overthrow and half pictures were of antifa soooo sounds like an inside job
      .why did the cops let them in, they literally opened the door for them.

    2. @Music_Mana trump came in under Obama’s economy. Inside job, who was president? Watch news tv, proud boys, no mention of antifa. Who are antifa? What ever did happen to trump’s economy. Blew up in his face because he took no responsibility for COVID. Your man!

  7. The feds kept telling the trump admin to get stimulus out many times over.
    They ignored it. Ignore them now.

  8. I agree w/Kurt, so many have tried to work w/Republicans for so long and look at the end results. We get screwed!

  9. I was already agreeing when the title said “Dont listen to Republicans….”
    Between the space lasers starting forest fires and injecting disinfectants, the inmates are obviously in charge over there.

    1. Also, there’s no “civil war” in the GOP. The grifters and nutjobs won, and the attack on the few Republicans resistant to the Trump cult is a moping up operation. Bardella knows this, and that’s why he’s urging on the Democrats. The Dems can’t keep throwing lifelines to the few remaining sane conservative Republicans if they won’t grab ahold.

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