‘Don’t pretend you’re a doctor’: Ford blasts attorney general’s report on his COVID-19 response

'Don't pretend you're a doctor': Ford blasts attorney general's report on his COVID-19 response 1


Ont. Premier Doug Ford took questions on the auditor general's scathing report of his COVID-19 response.


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32 Comments on "‘Don’t pretend you’re a doctor’: Ford blasts attorney general’s report on his COVID-19 response"

  1. hes essentially right tho. an accountant should not be giving medical advice.

    • Fair enough and doctors shouldn’t be making rules for the country.

    • @campion04 they dont. they make recommendations, and as experts, the powers at be trust and follow those recommendations.

    • @Marylee Macpherson hard to believe you when you put allegedly and fact in the same comment.

    • Marylee Macpherson | November 25, 2020 at 4:29 PM | Reply

      Nick Carbine Sure, go ahead correct my grammar. I use allegedly when I do not know if what I’m saying is true. I use the word truth when it is the truth. Thank you, sorry for my grammar mistakes and punctuations. I’m a special needs person. I try my best.☮️

    • @campion04 bro I love you

  2. No Mr. Ford, the AG isn’t an accountant, she’s charged with protecting the public interest. Part of that involves reporting to the public on factual findings that were produced by a variety health professionals and researchers.

  3. I’m starting believe dougie partakes, just like robby did.

  4. And doctors have no business being decision makers for running a country, province, or city.

  5. 30 seconds or less | November 25, 2020 at 3:17 PM | Reply

    You are fired is what I was expecting

  6. Vote Doug Ford Out

  7. Ford is failing miserably…. and doesn’t like getting called out on his failures.

  8. Well, maybe, just maybe, David Williams doesn’t have it all figured out. Why doesn’t he suggest shutting down Pearson Airport where most COVID cases in Ontario are coming in? I don’t believe for one minute hard working restaurants who are only getting a fraction of their previous clientelle are responsible for our Provincial COVID outbreaks. That’s B.S., plain and simple as that.

  9. The headline is wrong… he is talking about the Auditor General (Accountant) not the Attorney General (Lawyer). Somebody boo booed.

  10. Did you guys not get the memo Doug is never wrong!

  11. ..with the exception of the Military…no one is telling the truth..Fords friends in “for profit” healthcare are enriching themselves of the misery and death of Ontario seniors……

  12. Well you’re pretending to be a dictator….er I mean Premier. (Little difference between the two).

  13. ” don’t pretend your a premier”

  14. Sharon Rodriques | November 25, 2020 at 6:15 PM | Reply

    Why can’t he do both advise?😷😷😷
    Critics behind close door😷😷😷
    Ford you don’t listen to doctors 🥼

  15. ” There’s a big problem when… a Doc tries to give me economic advice. It doesn’t work out well.” YOU DON’T SAY????? So….! When are we going to stop listening to their advice on lockdowns?

  16. Doug my friend, if Ontario is doing better than other provinces in dealing with Covid, why are we in a lockdown. You shut down Peel and Toronto, but residents of these two areas, drive to Halton, Pickering, Coburg to shop. Yesterday, in Oakville, Canadian Tire, Home Depot , Winners, Best Buy and others were very busy with shoppers who drove about 10 minutes from Peel . Your policies have damaged many small businesses. My wife’s hairdresser has to shut down again. She lives on the east side of Winston Churchill Rd in Peel. If her business was on the west side in Halton , no problem. Her biggest revenue month of the year is December, and she has to shut down. You should resign

  17. Lmao the Ford brothers are donkeys, seriously. Voted in by the suburbs cause they resent the cities. I was living in toronto when he get elected and passes bills secretly at night real sleazy guy here

  18. Daryll Peloquin | November 25, 2020 at 7:31 PM | Reply

    So maybe we should now hear from the medical team instead of Doug pretending to be something.

  19. Surprised the government doesn’t feel guilty yet

  20. Dear premier we trust the auditor general more than we trust you. You should stick to transparency…

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