Doug Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario 1

Doug Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario


Ontario will be under a stay-at-home order as of Thursday after COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the province following the holidays.

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    1. And forms lines outside in the snow, where everybody will huddle together for warmth, and pretend to be jogging.

    1. Yes. They will play this if we have a tornado too. Its more chill than the Amber Alert beeboopbeeboop though. Better beat too.

  1. That’s double lock down on you. Are we at the stage yet that you will get a ticket if you venture out for a COVY test? That should bring the cases down.

  2. Limited sores hours will make more lines and gathering. Bad idea. No curfew and stores can be open as long as possible. Lines will be reduced. This is not smart decision of one time leader. Remember, Dough. Sorry, but this is end of you political carrier, my friend.

  3. Will this also apply to the Politicians, Nurses, Doctors and Police Chiefs who seem to be regularly travelling all over the continent? Probably not.

  4. Does this mean millionaire Ontario government staff will be asked to stop travelling on tropical vacations? Close Pearson airport?

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