Doug Ford gives update on vaccine rollout, ongoing lockdowns | FULL UPDATE 1

Doug Ford gives update on vaccine rollout, ongoing lockdowns | FULL UPDATE


Ont. Premier Doug Ford and other officials gave an update on lockdown extensions in parts of the province and the vaccine rollout.

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  1. Great way to ruin your political career!!!! Oh, and it looks like dougy got a haircut and a shave!!! He must be using john soreys barber!!!

  2. The no of days of lockdown is already more thsn most developing countries. I dont understand what are you doing and why????

    1. This isn’t a lockdown and the reason we’re here is because idiots didnt wear masks and not party and from the start. Thank them.

    2. @Do van and yet all the evidence says that lockdowns don’t work, all the science says that masks don’t work, and it’s obviously not working here

    1. It will end. When everyone stopped caring and the government knows it, they will likely magically say that thanks in part of the vaccines and alleged safety measures, the pandemic is going to be slowly lifted.

    1. I trust my Government here…………………says every intelligent person who has experienced Governments in third world countries

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