Doug Ford unveils Ontario’s three-step reopening plan | FULL COVID-19 update

Ontario Premier Doug Ford outlined the province's three-step reopening plan, which will see outdoor activities restarted first.

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    1. What do you expect from a high-school drop out drug dealer, just reads and listens to his masteres kreuela de villia

    2. @melanie Trump is a master at public speaking. Canadian politicians are speaking like China’s aliens.

    1. @Andrew Dobbin They arn’t. It’s called Mutation and is perfectly normal biological function. Mutaion always increases infection rate and decreses Virulence. C19 is now Ubiquitouse and Endemic – Cannot be contained or eradicated –

    2. GoodFoodUnEarthed’s and Stand4Thee’s websites are excellent resources of information for discerning through critical thinking and our Nature given sense abilities. More in my playlists. In WELLth <3

  1. Today, I will talk like this, and say nothing of importance, and continue the lockdowns, and I will continue to talk like this, and I hope everyone, stays home, please don’t hug your mothers,

    1. @patti m Is there a golf course there? Does this guy even golf, sure doesn’t look like it. he’s packing on the pounds.

  2. “new variants continue to enter the province every single day”…I am wondering if they send an e mail, call ahead or is it ok it they just sign in at the border ?

    1. I bet you’re some kind of medical professional? It’s been evident that that’s was the solution for at least a year now.

  3. Can someone please make a montage of every ” l won’t hesitate to lock this down speech ” followed by every ” just a little longer speech ” followed every ” l will open it up a tiny tiny bit speech ” and then repeat the cycle . Future generations have got to see this show.

    1. So Tried Don’t have kids in school I Have feeling conservative It wouldn’t the EDUCATION GREW UP MY KIDS NEVER LETS PARENTS KNOW AWFUL

    2. ”THE BIDERMAN REPORT OF 1956 (and Covid 19}”—-Shows coercive methods for eliciting compliance in psychological warfare of prisoners initially.

    1. Serious tan with no mask lines….I thought all politicians wore masks constantly because ya know the science

    2. @Christopher Moltisanti science DOES support mask use, politicians are not the ppl you want to be EMULATING- stick with the science..

  4. How many times did government officials break rules but we must continue to suffer. Enough is enough

  5. “New variants continue to enter the Province every single day.” Umm, just how many variants are there Mr. Big Daddy Ford?

    1. Medics say there have been thousands and thousands of variants since the fall of 2019. At least 5000 by now and there will be more, like thousands years before and after. Should we stay in homes forever?

  6. Sounds like an extended milder summer lockdown. Followed by another lockdown in fall, due to the new “variants and mutants”. New normal forever

    1. Another holiday coming up = another lockdown. Schools also closed until September, but kids can’t buy supplies for their school work. 🤷🏼‍♀️. Hey but you can buy liquor & smoke. The priorities are all wrong. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. @Sarah Marshall You do realize that what is currently going on violates all ten of the Nuremberg codes, right.

    2. @Sarah Marshall D is also right. They are gaslighting and these methods have harmed the emotional health of many.

    3. Literallythe vaxxCrackheads mostlyCommunistImmigrants in canada are forced to believe that they are manipulated and pushed to take the vaxx and now they get mad when you tell them you are not getting any.
      Please lets mass report all these uploads as terrorismBecause this is terrorismThey are trying to normalize coercion

    4. @Darrell Doran 100% If we have to go to a war there will be a fkingcivil war they are not touching my children, neither me.

  7. hmmm. Lockdown suppose to end June 2nd…. Phase 1 to start june 14. You can golf now, but everything else stays closed until the 14th. Did Dougie and Chrissy, just add 2 more weeks to our Ontario lockdown? Ontario is so messed up. Its incredible. Whole other level.

    1. They’re extending the lockdown another two weeks but making it seem like they’re opening things up.

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