Dr. Anthony Fauci: This is not going to last forever

Dr. Anthony Fauci: This is not going to last forever 1


  1. Think I’ll just stay at the house 10 days til I get #2.
    Then I still don’t want to go anywhere. Seems the world has lost its mind.

    1. @RogerM Please Follow that MindSet.
      Please Do Not Get a Simple Vaccination.
      That Vaccine and the AIR your Breathing is meant for a Better Class Of People.

    1. @Liron Deline I see you don’t read or comprehend well..go through everything written on the CDC site.. I personally liked how they can’t make a vaccine as they can’t isolate to find whatever they put in it.. I also enjoyed when they wrote that only 6% of the deaths they reported were actually from covid-19 and not the numbers they are telling you.. BTW.. guilting or saying people are this and that shows what you are..as I said.. enjoy Easter..ya lil propagandist.. LOL.. keep lying because your not good at it..

    2. @Tom Cruise Ok… tell that to all the families and people who have been out of work because of lockdowns and closures, struggling to put food on the table, struggling to pay rent… worrying about where and how they will provide for themselves and/or their kids. I am lucky that my government has been giving me 2k a month since October, but many Americans have not been so lucky… that is in part what the ARP was meant to do, help those who have been hit hard financially because of the pandemic.

    3. @Liron Deline actually.. most of these people who are out of work do know what’s really going on.. those who lost their businesses know exactly why they have lost them and it wasn’t due to covid..good try though but your still spewing propaganda.. just lies lies and more lies but I like how you put a dig into people by saying what money you get monthly.. ROFL.. OH.. just a little note to keep inside your head for later..(whispers) why is Acosta wearing a special ankle monitor.. you’ll find out soon enough..

    4. @Liron Deline What the Cruise? Economical shut downs are not a result of Covid but instead in the responses to it. The vast majority of people in these comment threads are those who are against shutting down all businesses and economical activity and probably to some extent sympathize with you over the shutdowns.

    1. ​@Germangirl don’t vote Yea, idk what video exactly you’re referring too. But I’ve heard nothing but “We need to quarantine” “There’s still a lot of cases” and “We need to be very cautious” from Dr. Mike Ryan.

    2. People conveniently forgot that Fauci downplayed it at the beginning as well. He only changed his position when every reasonable person can see how bad it is which proves that he is just as informed on covid as a random guy you see on the street. By failing to predict the severity of covid, he should not be taken seriously. His early comments on masks also gave rise to the anti-masker movement.

    3. @Rommel Douglas ohhhh you are one bright human. Follow CNN and you’ll believe anything. This guy is a nut job

    4. @Tony Jie I wouldnt say he downplayed it, I would say that the information given to Fauci from the Administration at the time was not accurately given.

  2. I’m holidaying in Brisbane, Australia. They had 15-20 new cases, so locked down the city for 4 days, did very, very effective contact tracing, 30,000 people getting tested per day. And community transmission was stopped.

    1. @Deb J I can tell you did not even read your own article yourself🤣😅👌👏. Wow. Nobody is responsible for covid-19 it hasn’t been isolated visiolized or flitraded according Koch’s postulate in other words it has not been proven to exist. you can find this on the CDC website page 39( on pcr testing) and that’s what the lawsuit is about. In addition it is about conflict of interest in order to sell a vaccine you have to fear the public via mainstream media wich is largely funded by the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.. it will take some years but there will go down

    1. @Liron Deline fauci hijacks other scientists discoveries and make it seem like he was the one inventing . While collecting dang near 500000 a year. This man had a lack of education and an abundance of greed.

    2. @Liron Deline  fauci hijacks other scientists discoveries and make it seem like he was the one inventing . While collecting dang near 500000 a year. This man had a lack of education and an abundance of greed.

  3. Dr Fauci your patience and professionalism are much appreciated. It’s a challenge because there are many ignorant, mulish and selfish people in America

    1. @Adam Parisi Why did you post this reply to me? I don’t disagree so no reason to. You are just embarrassing yourself. I agree 100% with how great Fauci is.

    2. Man, Joe Biden really sucks. Look at all these COVID deaths under Joe Biden. It’s so sad that America didn’t stop Joe Biden from stealing the election.

    3. Good lord Zeus. The amount of mental gymnastics going on here amazes me.

      If you need to feel better about your life, then please go find a hobby instead of trying to virtue signal on behalf of people who don’t care about you.

      Please explain to me how constantly changing opinions Fauci has helped anyone.

      One day he says not to wear a mask. Then another he says to wear non medical grade masks. Then the next he says wearing two masks is foolish. NEXT he says to wear two masks!!!

      One day he’ll say herd immunity is dumb. Then the next he’ll say we are getting near heard immunity. Then another day he’ll something else.

      There is zero standard to Fauci. Fauci hasn’t seen an actual patient in decades. He’s the weak nerd who just wants to go with the cool kids (the establishment media).

      You don’t have to be pro-Democrat or pro-Republican or pro-Anything. Having some sort of standard instead of a political narrative, or blowing with the wind, is KIND OF IMPORTANT YOU LEMMING. Plus it is was an actual scientist would do.

      Religious people bend to the knee to the church. Scientists pull a Samurai in order to give a middle finger to the establishment. In a fun way the big bad Orangeman has been much closer to the heart of science than you have. Person who has never even completed a titration experiment….

  4. 4th wave (new mutant strain)
    5th wave (new mutant strain)
    6th wave (new mutant strain)
    1 million dead is in our future, it feel like only Monday it was 550K and now it is 555K…🤦‍♀️

    1. What gets me about these eugenicists is that they want to cleanse the world of other human beings, yet they don’t want to cleanse the world of themselves.

  5. At any time they can sound the alarm and call it a pandemic and do the same thing over again that has to be wrong in so many ways

    1. Try expanding the view. Where has this not rocked the society? What did they do? Learning from others is supposed to be the human super power.

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    1. The CDC message is very “cleat”. When the Aids epidemic started, the CDC cautiously recommended that sex with condoms could stop the spread however went on to say that abstinence from sex was truly the only way to prevent the spread. The CDC is now saying that the only truly way to prevent the spread is to not travel and wear masks etc.

    2. For a year, the CDC’s message was managed by the Trump administration, which is was apparantly a political message.

  7. We haven’t even started hiking in the woods yet we what do they talking about this damn virus is just starting on us

  8. Young people are going to get their turn, meanwhile me (65) and my Dad (90) are still trying to find somewhere in our small community that there are open appointments for us to get ours. What’s up with that?

  9. Jim Acosta you are my fav CNN reporter and journalist! Good to see you finally have your own CNN hour for Saturday and Sunday 2-3PM slot. Read your book and so proud of all you did during the trump era 4 year presidency. You were always so bold and brave in you’re reporting and yet not loud mouthed or grandiose. You just put your head down and continued to do your job. You have a huge fan here in me. Thank you for all you do and doing such a great job the last 4 years! You deserve credit for all you have done. Regards to you and your family Happy Easter!

  10. I just got shot #1 today. I got a text message from my county telling me when and where to go. it was 1/2 mile away. so the communication system worked for me. I will stay home still. and I will get second shot in 3 weeks.

  11. The short version of Fauci’s explanation:
    Do not be overconfident.
    The vaccines don’t ward off face masks, they are meant to HELP protect one from the disease.

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