1. So glad they are opening all those medical schools. Won’t help much this winter, but…..ohoh oops….they arent opening any medical schools. Guess we’ll just keep poaching doctors from developing countries, that well will never go dry
    (…and they are ‘developing’ countries. They don’t need/deserve doctors like we need/deserve them. Stomachs need stapling. Faces need botulism toxin injections.)

    1. Have you looked at what they’re teaching nowadays in medical schools?

      The quality of medicine in the decades ahead is going to plunge.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis My solution (will never happen) would be to completely overhaul medical training. Interning is an outdated system, more appropriate to medieval guilds. Lets them pat themselves on the back the rest of their lives for ‘enduring’ it. Should integrate nursing and doctoring. Not ‘make all the nurses doctors’, but make the potential doctors be nurses (EMTs, whatever, getting experience) for 10, 15 years or so. Would open the career path to so many nurses, capable but restricted by lack of money to buy the education. And, make the prospect of nursing more appealing to 20-somethings, make them more likely to try nursing if they knew becoming doctor was a possibility
      Might happen though. Internet is revolutionizing education. Another lockdown or 3, universities (another medieval relic) and in-person classes get more and more obsolete and the internet can’t replace hands on experience, especially in medicine

  2. “The same problem the premier promised to end 5 years ago”. Isn’t this a decade long problem? Just remember it isn’t a Covid problem.

  3. With so many doctors dying, no wonder.
    Why nobody says anything about it? Why no journalist investigates what is going on?

  4. This really needs to be fixed ASAP by our government. Especially since our population is expected to increase by 10million to 12million in the next 20years.

  5. Even if the patient is admitted to hospital they still are not being cared for. Warning to anyone who willing to listen: if you, a loved one ends up going to hospital do not leave them unattended. And, notice how the doctor stressed about elderly patients. Is that because elderly patients are going in and leaving deceased?

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