Dr. Fauci says our ‘new normal’ will include living with COVID-19 | USA TODAY


  1. Satan’s ministers deceiving the nations, knowing that they have little season (Revelation 20:3,8), before fire comes down from heaven and devour them (Revelation 20:9).

    1. He is catching up with the rest of society but it’s overly late. He appears a bit sad knowing he doesn’t have authority or knowing he doesn’t have a way to make society shutter in place any longer using Covid fear/psychology.

  2. I’m pretty sure it will be exactly the same as living with the flu , which is the samething without the fancy name.

  3. Meanwhile he won’t tell you of what damage monkey pox is expected to do, spread to animals and our food supply.

  4. This tyrant needs to be held accountable, as do all the tyrants who pushed this BS. Nuremberg 2.0 must happen

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