Dr. Isaac Bogoch breaks down the COVID-19 situation in Ontario ahead of Premier Ford's announcement 1

Dr. Isaac Bogoch breaks down the COVID-19 situation in Ontario ahead of Premier Ford’s announcement


nfectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch wants to see Ontario’s COVID-19 measures reflect the severity of the current situation.


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  1. Hmmmm. Why is Canada one of the only countries in the world that will not publish where these new cases are coming from so the public can fully understand and help?

    1. @Nathan Warren No more conspiracy theories and misinformation. We’re full. The entire world is going through the same thing. It would be quite the feat if every country was in on it.

  2. They had over a year to fortify the health care systems across Canada, yet the only thing they can come up with is more restrictions and lockdowns. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!!!

    1. @Ramin Kah Spend a few billion more on healthcare to avoid destroying the nations economy for who knows how many years? Yes, I totally support that despite the fact that it will be excess capacity if this ever ends. I also don’t count on this ever ending, they enjoy the power too much, if they get to the point that they just can’t milk Covid anymore, there will be a new disease they do the same thing with.

    2. @MAH CHEEZ MOH texas 49,733 dead. Florida 34,338 dead. Not exactly great examples of how to deal with covid.

    1. @Mike Capannelli goats, fruit and apple juice has tested positive before also for that reason.

    2. @PrIsoner111 IRRELEVANT because the info has been made available and we know that ON and PQ are at 40 CTs and Alberta is at 49 – these thresholds are WAY TOO HIGH to generate accurate results.

    3. @PrIsoner111 Each of the provinces have confirmed the CT they each use – ON & PQ at 40 and Alberta at 49 representing 75% of Canada’s population – CT levels at these values will generate 70-90% FALSE positives.

      If you do a little digging you will find the CT values for the other provinces as well.

  3. There are no essential workers there are only essential jobs…just ask anyone working an essential job and ask them if they feel like the government cares about them at all

    1. @Love Me A Lifetime That’s not a natural phenomenon. That has been engineered to make the cost of living nearly impossible.

    2. @Flip’n Eleanor Lots of families are being benefited from the free money from the government. A family of 5 get a total of $6700 (4k for the parents and 2.7k for the kids) from the government. Of course they wont complain anything but for guys like me living by myself working so hard paying my own mortgage. This 2000 is nothing compared to working and getting paid the full amount.

    3. I’m just a Painter and I’ve kept working, I will not stop simply because the government illegally tells me to, government can suck it.

    1. May 24th what Pagan day is that cuz I do realize that this flu is very Pagan and Freemasonry that creepy number 33

    1. @berardo ferrari AA meetings during a lockdown? And where do you get these drugs prescribed from if not from the healthcare system?

    2. @Daniel MW yah… 6 feet apart with masks … like they are doing on construction sites…. drugs like methadone from social services all across canada. been doing it for decades. walk and chew gum ????

    1. Incompetent yes, but they know very well what they are doing, scammers are making money with this lockdowns that’s why they don’t want to end it, I never see anything that works backwards, the pandemic is gone, wake up

    1. @Neil NacKenzie are you for real??? Mandatory hotel quarantine at your expense, 2 negative Covid tests required to fly…ring a bell? Educate yourself before spreading misinformation!

    2. @Max Weinbach Really. Then tell me how these variants have gotten into the country, did they fly in here on brooms?

    3. @centralScrutinizer Yes. Brooms because the only way you can enter the country is airborne and with a broom…
      Also consider that it may have come here (on a broom) before they quarantine rules were set in place.
      Or are you suggesting that there are no quarantine rules?

    4. Only 1% coming from travel, 80% in nursing homes and hospitals plus factories and work places where no sick days pay.

    1. And vote for who exactly? The same party that brought 200 to 300 hydro bills and gave California millions of dollars for carbon credits?

  4. “We are in this together” Can you please freeze all the mortgage payment please. I dont have work but my bank keeps withdrawing money from my bank account. Can you help???

    1. @Johnny K . . . . They love complaining about schools being Closed . . . .

      The Small Buisiness’ can die though . . . .

    1. Downtown Vancouver makes everybody look like they’re insane because that freaks so never listen to any of these freaks on TV

  5. Amazing how hospitals are so busy but yet this doctor has time to do multiple interviews throughout the day .

    1. Hospitals ARE busy, not only in Canada. Have you bothered to check other places? Like Brazil right now. It’s a nightmare, and it’s the same strain (P1) now spreading in BC.

    2. Between rest breaks from those highly choreographed dance routines for TicToc and other video platforms.

  6. This is what happens when you ignore the hospitals for the past 50 years but continue to build bike lanes, dedicated bus and transit lanes, rapid transit, 200 million for tourism during a pandemic and whatever else you decided to waste tax payers money on instead.

  7. The evil and wickedness is all because of peoples Pride of their lustful flesh that comes before the fall

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