Dr. Michael Osterholm: ‘Think Twice’ Before Going To A Large, Indoor Rally | MSNBC


    1. @Rumi900 “Obama was unopposed in the Georgia Democrat primary” Correct, and so was Trump. In 2012 and 2020 we have two incumbent Presidents, Obama and Trump, and both are running unopposed. People didn’t have to vote for their candidate in these primaries. So why did 6 2/3 times the number of people turn out to vote for Trump in 2020, than did Obama in 2012.
      Trump voters are motivated. He’s smashed the records for turn out in every State Republican primary to date and going back 40 years.
      Have a look for yourself and search, “Trump breaking primary records.”

    2. @OliVitoProductions “lowest average approval of any president”
      Polls are incredibly misleading and you do yourself a service not to follow them. Likely Voter/Registered Voter. People lie when polled.
      Polls are intended to shape public opinion at this stage of the electoral process. Only during the days leading up to the election do they become more but still slightly inaccurate. This is to maintain the integrity of the polling organization.
      They’d hate to “report” an 8 point lead for one party during the first week in November only to have it completely evaporate after the ballots are counted. CNN broadcast Hillary Clinton having a 98% chance of winning 6 PM the night of November 8, 2016. This is part/parcel of what led to ordinary people rejecting the MSM. We don’t like being lied to.

    3. @Peter Bills Oh the mental gymnastics you go through to defy reality. Even the most conservative surveys still has him ranked lower than any other president.

    1. *”to wedge loved ones apart, many permanently, with people who did not even have the ‘virus’* being forced to die alone to combat the threat of the ‘virus’, the BBC describes its role as *“Bringing us closer”*

    2. How sad Ruth !! ( for such a Time as this ! ) Not living up to your name, I see !.. Try Jezebel ! ( It’s more fitting ) #Walkaway



  1. The rally is fully booked by K-pop fans, who wont turn up. i cant wait to see how this story develops tomorrow

    1. Got my tickets. I’d honestly be ok with going, but it wasn’t particularly convenient. I’m also curious to see how many people don’t show up

  2. Trump has made it clear that people who wear masks are doing so to show disdain for him (because it’s always about him). So, of course his mindless minions won’t wear them. Wouldn’t want to offend dear leader. 🙄

    1. @Bruce strkland “We control 2.5 branches of the government. We are so persecuted!” And delusion is the perfect word for how they think. The distinction between a delusion and an incorrect belief is that no amount of evidence will convince someone that their delusion is false

  3. Attention all MAGA maggots , come one and come all . Shake hands , hug and kiss . Donald will supply a HUGE cattle water trough that will be filled with his special MAGA-rita elixir , 1/2 bleach to 1/2 Lysol please drink up and please double dip . Enjoy !

    1. @Lucius Kiirus – But that ISN’T what you wrote, Lucius.
      You advocated shooting people who disagree with you. i can’t believe I actually have to tell you this, but shooting people because they don’t agree with you is NOT self-defense.

    2. @Rumi900 I said nothing wrong and i stand by what i said. If the rioters roll into a town and start rioting in a state that has a stand your ground law then they are going to die. Yep,that’s my middle finger. Fvkc you ANTIFA. If you don’t like it then don’t roll into their town and start violence.

    3. @Lucius Kiirus : A recently leaked FBI memo finds no link between Antifa and the recent riots and looting. What they did find was that much of it was linked to extreme Right-Wing groups recruiting people to sabotage the peaceful protests. There were also links to many law enforcement individuals and agencies. Antifa is an abbreviation of Antifascist. Most of the people who oppose that idea are Fascists. Get a life, Loser.

    4. ​@Timothy McCaskey And the moon is made of cheese. Thanks for the “Leaked documents”. Are you off your meds?

  4. Trump supporters show hate to people to choose to wear masks. Why do they hate our freedoms?

    1. Trump says if you wear a mask it states you are against him. That’s why 99% of the public wear them.

    2. @Tom G. So so true!! That is why if you are caught wearing one in the southern states you get mad looks. Very sad!

  5. Why the “F” do I need to think twice about being indoors with a bunch of low level people at a rally during a GD pandemic?

  6. I can see Osterholm in a Magneto helmet, but he has to always keep doing that thing with his hands to keep looking like an evil mastermind.

    1. @William Bailey Your con-man traitor does not have 150 million either. Unless you count Russians and Chinese.

    2. @William Bailey He hides his bank statements & tax returns so Americans cannot see his loans from Deutsche Bank is guaranteed by Russia. Next.

    3. @DiamondMasters well thanks for admitting you have no idea what trumps finances are. Kinda makes you look like a moron to quote a financial statement then backpedal. Dont you think? Lmfao. NEXT

    4. @UCQLIUFbvSqXY1wPoqAohAHg well your stats are 4 years old. Just tune into the Oklahoma rally. Over a million people wanted tickets( look it up) so explain to me how a town of 400k books a sold out venue plus 600k? They dont. Capacity size. 20k plus 980 k. that are lined in the street. Do the math per capita and get back to me. Hint: its bigger than the super bowl.

  7. ” trump is like a modern day Jim Jones “Jonestown”…You know what happened when his worshipers showed up there? They drank the Koolaid! But in this case it’s going to be Corona…Enjoy it trumpturds.😆

    1. Yep!! The new Jim Jones. My issue and mad about are these people will infect people outaide of this rally. Infect friends and even other family members. Selfish people indeed.

  8. It’ll be interesting to see 19,000 people social distancing in a 19,000 seat stadium. Trump doesn’t care as long as he gets his ego boost!

    1. Yep! Shall be interesting! No masks a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer and sholder to sholder of people. All them hooting and hollering. Spitting while shouting and cheering. Bet he will have protection for him.

  9. Asking Trump Supporters to think twice is a Huge Ask, those idiots don’t think at all…

    1. Their boss doesn’t read, doesn’t think deep thoughts either, he prefers his gut instincts to do the decisions for him, and Fox News to spread his nefarious concepts to the masses of Fox News followers.

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